Sunday, 4 November 2018

The Quarter Life Crisis

Well.. it's been a while.

I've been getting a little wrapped up in my own life. Things were getting comfortable. I live a pretty simple life. I have a few great friends, I spend most of my Friday nights in and I love going home to visit my mum every other weekend and spending my Sundays trying new recipes. But now, I've stuck a spanner in the works.

I've been offered, and I've accepted, a new job in London.

London used to be the plan for me. But lately, I've been questioning, and there has been a lot of crying, about whether my move is the right decision. My new job, if all goes swimmingly, will be great for my career. I feel very lucky to get it and the advice of all my work colleagues, friends and family say that this is an opportunity not to be wasted.

So for the third time in three years, I'm moving again and going into the unknown.

Looking for places to live was interesting and has been my main source of anxiety. Where do you even start? I had experience with spareroom, but rooms in London seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye. I tried to get some experience from friends, but ultimately couldn't work out how people survive in London.

So, I've settled to being a lodger in a family home just outside of London. It's a cheaper option and the commute in should be, door to door, under an hour. I'll just have to get used to living and staying in someone else's home.

But if I don't live in central London, will I be missing out on the London experience? Do I even want the London experience. Will I ever save any money. Will I ever feel safe? Honestly, why am I doing this to myself.

I have three weeks until I start my new job. I'm petrified. What if they regret their decision, what if I can't do it or feel overwhelmed by the pace in London? I anticipate it's going to be very different. I mean do people even bring their own packed lunch to work? I jolly well hope so because I can't afford to buy lunch everyday.

I guess until I get there I won't know what the deal is. I'm still questioning is this what I want. But then, I think I've got the rest of my life to feel comfortable and to spend my days weekends baking and cooking. If I don't do this at 24, I'm never going to do it.

So, here we go. I'm moving (again), moving on up and trying something new. And if 6 months down the line I hate it, at least I gave it a go.


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