Tuesday, 27 November 2018

A New Normal

The last few days have been a blur. I left a job, I moved, and started a new job all in the matter of a few days. I'm currently sitting on my bed worrying about whether I made the right move, whether I am going to cope with the longer working hours after working in a more laid back environment.

Two days in and I am completely exhausted.

I guess I've been spoiled for the past year. Being able to walk half an hour to work, leaving the office at 5pm on the dot and being home, showered, eaten dinner and in my pyjamas by 7pm - which is now the time which I get back to the house.

I've been frantically googling 'ways to survive longer working hours', 'ways to get through a commute' to no luck. I guess this is my new normal.

I know it'll take time to adjust. I just worry how long or will I be able to cope. I'm not used to change or particularly like it - quite surprising for someone who is in their third job after leaving university 2 and a bit years ago. I like being comfortable, having nights in, spending wasting lots of time on the internet and generally feeling safe and secure. I don't feel like any of those things at the moment.

I guess I'll get used to the new way of working, the longer commute and make up my own tips and tricks for coping with the change.

My new normal scares me, but I hope I'll be able to cope. But I live with a cat now, and he's pretty dreamy.


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