Monday, 21 May 2018

Baking Lately

My new (well not entirely new) favourite thing is to bake. I love trying new things, and baking things other than standard cupcakes or lemon drizzle cakes gets me really excited. I have been looking through so many recipe blogs and websites looking for things to try, as well as finding inspiration from The Great British Bakeoff which I watch pretty much every morning whilst I am getting ready for work. My favourite thing that I have tried so far is definitely macarons, but I have made some pretty tasty things in the last few weeks.

Something I made last weekend was a carrot cake. I wasn't actually sure I had ever had carrot cake before, but I bought too many carrots in my weekly shop and thought I should use them up - and of course vegetables taste a lot better in cake.

I used this recipe from BBC Good Food - it is actually for a loaf, but I decided to go for a round cake - which I topped with a cream cheese icing. The icing on the recipe was actually way too much, so I froze some in the hope to use it again for the next carrot cake I make (hopefully it will defrost okay!). Because of using oil instead of a lot of butter (something I also had never tried), it took an age to cook, but came out so so moist, and stayed soft for a few days in the fridge which is an absolute winner.

Because I used Sainsbury's basic soft cheese, the icing wasn't as thick as expected, but it tasted great all the same. I used a tip from Cupcake Jemma for the topping as I didn't have any decoration. I evened the top of the cake with a knife and crushed up what I had just cut off to put on top for a little added something. Voila. I can now say I am a definite fan of carrot cake.

Yesterday, I tried out a Babka for the first time too. Again, I hadn't tasted it before, but what I could gather was that it would be a brioche like consistency. I used this recipe from Good Housekeeping, but replaced the filling with Nutella. I am keen to make more bread, so making this sweet dough was a little different from normal white bread I had made before, but I was so happy with how it came out. The bread is soft, but I don't think I put enough chocoalte spread in to be honest, either that or it has all cooked away. Nevertheless, it tastes great with a cup of tea, or a scoop of ice cream which will last my housemates and I quite a while.

What should I try next?

Carrot Cake Recipe: BBC Good Food

Chocolate Babka Recipe: Good Housekeeping 

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