Sunday, 15 April 2018

Improve Your Meal Plan Game

If anything makes me feel adult, it's making a meal plan, and actually sticking to it. I love that I can come in from work and know exactly what I am going to eat, and usually put it in the microwave to heat up. It means no food wastage, I'm spending less money in my weekly shop, and I know that I am getting some pretty good healthy meals. I have also started eating veggie which is a total game changer and makes me cook more things from scratch rather than reaching for a jar of sauce.

1. Plan ahead and research
Spend Friday night researching and planning for the week - obviously unless you have a much ore active social life than I do. I usually head over to Pinterest, BBC Good Food, or browse some supermarket websites (thrilling Friday night activities, I know), to think of inspiration and what kind of products are out there. Factor in cooking time, whether you'll make it in advance and freeze, or cook when you get in from work. A lot of the things I have are made in advance and frozen.

2. Write a shopping list and stick to it!
After planning lunch and dinners for each day, I write a shopping list and head off to Lidl early on a Saturday morning. I try to stick to it as much as I can, grabbing the occasional things if they are on offer, but I try and stick as much as I can to my list.

3. Make batches in advance
Especially if your meals include a lot of vegetables and to stop them from going off very quickly, I will make my meals in advance, probably on the Sunday afternoon or evening. Therefore, the vegetables won't go to waste before you get to use them, plus all you have to do when it's done is freeze it in freezer bags or pots, and put in the fridge before you go to work.

4. Have a few easy good recipes up your sleeve and basic ingredients in your cupboard
Know how to make recipes like a simple carbonara, a jacket potato or sweet potato fries. You can slot these into your week so you don't end up eating the same thing every night. I also make sure I always have chopped tomatoes or pasatta, oil, garlic (I use lazy garlic), pasta, pesto, and more recently, chickpeas in my cupboard.

My Go To Make Ahead And Freeze Meals
- Vegetable fajitas 
- Vegetable curry
- Enchiladas
- Chilli Con Carne

Go out and smash that adulting.



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