Thursday, 5 April 2018

8 Happy Things This Week

I love reading posts like this. It always makes me feel happy seeing other people's good things that have happened to them lately. So here are some of mine - it really has been a brilliant Easter weekend.

1. Catching Up With Old Friends

For the long Easter weekend, I went to see some friends from university who I hadn't seen since I graduated a year and a half ago. It was such a lovely weekend filled with singing, laughing, walking and cooking. It was utterly perfect.

2. Hamilton Lottery

To top off my awesome Easter weekend, I won the Hamilton lottery on the app for Easter Monday. If you win, you have the chance to buy up to two tickets for £10 each. I jumped at the chance having already seen it in January (review here) and took a work colleague who really wanted to see it but couldn't get tickets. We ended up sitting in the front row which was incredible. I laughed and cried all over again and got the chance to see some of the alternate cast members (who were insane). It was the perfect weekend and I feel very very lucky to have seen Hamilton twice!

3. Baking Macarons

My latest baking attempt has been macarons. It has taken a few tries, but I think I have now figured out how to get them with feet - the crinkly bit around the bottom - and with flat tops. Watch this space for recipe and tips.

4. Work

Work is finally getting busy, I actually came home and caught up with some things which is so unlike me. I am also feeling crazy inspired at the moment having met some great people in the industry and generally getting excited for the future.

5. Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

This book is something I wasn't expecting to like so much. The character and story was not hugely relate able and I didn't really like Eleanor as a character at the beginning, but the story was so cleverly written, covering aspects of living alone, navigating work and relationships, mental health and childhood. Definitely check it out if you fancy something a little different.

6. Light Evenings

Thank goodness Winter is over and Spring is here (well, except with the amount of rain we are having at the moment!). Light evenings make me want to be a lot more productive, which will hopefully mean I will start doing productive things - well, a girl can dream.

7. Netflix Binging

I am currently watching A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Ru Paul's Drag Race and of course, my favourite show, The Great British Bake Off - and I'm going to join in with all the internet by saying, how strange is the first series! I have actually been following Ed Kimble, who won the series, on Instagram for ages and din't realise he won the Bake-Off (sorry Ed), I clearly wasn't a huge fan of the show back when it started. It however is giving me a lot of inspiration for my next baking project, which I think is going to be bread.

8. 4 Day Working Weeks

Two in a row... fantastic.



  1. What a lovely weekend ! Isn't Hamilton fantastic?! So lovely that you had such luck and got to share it with someone 😊

  2. It is amazing isn't - I have been very very lucky to see it twice!


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