Monday, 30 April 2018

10 Lovely Things Last Week

> Picking up a £11 Kanken rucksack (pretty sure it's fake, but I absolutely love it) that will be perfect for the summer.

> Seeing ENO's Chess - a musical I have loved for so long but have never seen live. It was amazing and I shared the experience with two of my favourite people.

> Treating myself to a new Penguin English Library book - reading the classics is so much nicer when it has a beautiful cover.

> Receiving a bursary to attend a conference that will be amazing for my career. I definitely didn't expect to get it and when I got the e-mail, I couldn't stop smiling. Role on July.

> My sourdough starter being ready and my first attempt at making a sourdough loaf was a small success. It was a little flatter than hoped, but it tasted so good. I will definitely not be buying bread ever again.

> Doing more social things with work colleagues -  Last week we had Friday night drinks and this Friday we went to a pub quiz after work, but we came 4th out of 5 teams.

> Hitting my 5 a day of fruit and veg most days last week - it's the little things.

> Going for a run with my housemates - sometimes it is better to do things with other people.

> The weather last week - it was hot enough to go to the beach in a t-shirt last Saturday and I went with a friend I didn't know hugely well. We ate fish and chips, talked for hours and finished off getting ice cream and playing table football in a cafe garden.

> Moving to a temporary open plan office for the week and having a giggle at work.


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