Saturday, 24 March 2018

Books I've Read In March

With my aim to read 20 books in 2018, I slacked in February and turned my hand to listening to podcasts. But with the recent realisation that my local Oxfam Bookshop is actually great (nothing can beat the one in Leamington Spa which had so many new books in every time I went in), I have been reading quite a few this month. 

I bought Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty to fill up an Amazon order - because I can't afford that Amazon Prime life, but I am willing to spend £20 a time to get free delivery... Anyway, I didn't know much about it as a story, but I heard about the TV show. This was different than some of the other  chick lit books I usually find myself reading - not usually on purpose but because I don't know what else to try. It's a really good read, with flawed, but great characters and a gritty story. 

Back to chick lit, I picked up My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella. I actually read this in only three sittings which is so unlike me, partly because I thought the story was good, but also because my house mate was keeping me up by being loud in the kitchen, but I digress. Without sounding like a cliche, this book was really relatable as Katie (or Cat as she tries to reinvent herself when she moves from Sommerset to London), who wants to live the perfect London life, is working in a low paid job and spending all of her wages on rent. I always used to think that having a job in London was the dream, but now, I'm not so sure. The stories flirts some romance, which was actually my least favourite part of the story, but it shows that not everyone's life is how it appears on social media, which is a good message to shout about. 

Wonder by R.J Palacio is also an Oxfam Bookshop find. Having seen the trailer for the film that has come out, I grabbed the book. It tells the story of August - a young boy with facial deformities - go to school for the first time. August is pretty inspiring as a character as he makes jokes and doesn't always feel sorry for himself. The friendships he finds are also lovely to read, realising that there are good people in the world. The book also had chapters from other members of his family and children at the school who Auggie does, or doesn't, make friends with. It was a very lovely read.

I have just started The Keeper Of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan and looking for the next few books to get going on, especially as I have a 3 hour train journey to see Friends on Easter weekend.

Are there any books you would recommend?


Monday, 12 March 2018

Two Ingredient Flatbread

I have actually been doing pretty good this year with making more food from scratch. I am also trying to eat less meat, especially on the weekdays (I think my nan would have a freak out if I turned up to Sunday roast declaring I was vegetarian). My friend sent me this Buzzfeed article about two ingredient bagels and I was instantly intrigued. I then saw that it could also be used for flatbread and decided to give it a try.

You literally need equal amounts of Greek yogurt and Self raising flour, and that's it (although I found I needed to add a little more flour to make it dough like). Knead it together and roll out on a flowered surface. I then used a pastry brush to put oil on the outside and fried them until they looked like tortilla wraps.

I used 100g of each to make two flatbreads, and you know what, they didn't turn out too bad at all. I could have added a bit of seasoning into the dough as they were a little bland. But as an alternative to pitta, smothered in hummus, or to eat with a curry instead of naan bread, these will be perfect. My friend also said she has used it as a pizza base.

I recommend getting them quite thin as they can become brown on the outside and not cooked on the inside if they are too thick.

On this occasion, I made a tuna and greek yogurt salad to eat with them, and it was pretty yummy. Obviously they take longer than grabbing bread from the packet, but it made me feel pretty good that I knew exactly what I was eating, and at the weekend, it was quite nice to try something a bit different.

Do you think you'll try this?

Saturday, 3 March 2018

This Week (03/03/18)

It has currently just starting raining. Goodbye snow and ice (hopefully!). After 5 days of icey, snowy weather, I hate to say it, but I'm pretty glad that the end is in sight. Maybe I'm just bitter than I live in walking distance to work, so no snow days or working from home for me. I made the half an hour walk every morning and evening in my chocolate pattern wellies trying not to slip over.

It has been a magical week though. I've secretly loved the office being quiet. It's done wonders for my confidence. I had to run an event alone and generally making more decisions as other people aren't around. Plus, no one could judge me for the amount of tea I was drinking, or that I devoured two tubs of M&S double chocolate mini rolls. 

I love that snow can make anything look beautiful. I did however not make it to my mum's on Friday night as I didn't want to risk driving, and missed a theatre show with my friends. But that's life isn't it. Instead, my housemates and I had tons of mexican food and drank beer that we stuck in the snow. So not all bad.
I've loved seeing everyone's beautiful snow pictures too, so here are a few of mine. Not perfect, but a nice memory. Who knows when we'll see snow like this again.

Here are also a few things I have been doing this week:
  • I'm currently reading Big Little Lies - I haven't seen the TV program yet, but I am really enjoying the book so far. 
  • I'm watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend and I must stop humming and singing the songs in public. 
  • I've been listening to a lot of Dua Lipa - a quiet office means blasting music during the day.
  • I watched the tour of The Sound Of Music that was at work this week and it was beautiful. I cried, I laughed and remembered why I loved it so much. I am very lucky to be able to work in an industry that I loved, and this week reminded me of that.
  • I'm very grateful for great housemates who I enjoy hanging out with - maybe my expectations of FRIENDS isn't too different from real life. 

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