Sunday, 21 January 2018

5 Little Changes For The Week Ahead

Last week, I hit a bit of a low point on my New Year's resolution. I wanted to try and eat a bit healthier, which I know is easier said than done, but Thursday night saw my dinner being two Linda McCartney Sausage Rolls and a bowl of chocolate cereal.

After getting over the initial shock of going back to work after the festive period, and now that we are already more than half way through January, it's time to change a few of my habits, and I'm pretty excited about it. I want to start thinking of every week as a new start, the time to make changes and try something different. Hopefully this will last, so not all my weeks feel like they are rolling into one.

1. Make Lunch The Night Before
It may only save me 10 minutes, but I would much rather have that extra 10 minutes in the morning! I've been scouring Pinterest for some interesting lunches that don't include sandwiches. So, I have planned for a week of salad / chicken wraps and chickpea and feta salads.. let's see how this goes. If anyone is interested in a meal plan / lunch ideas post, let me know. I love looking for food inspiration!

2. Get Out of the Office For Lunch
With the above in mind, I'm determined to actually take a lunch break every day and take those 35 minutes. I usually will open up my food at my desk, but feel guilty if I am not working, and no one else seems to take a proper lunch break. That's why, this week, I'm going to venture to the staff room. Who knows, it may be a good way to meet people too. 

3. Drink At Least Two Bottles Of Water 
I have a lovely water bottle (here), that keeps cold water really cold. It's perfect for the office, however, I forget to take it to meetings, or forget it is there during the day. So more water throughout the work day is definitely needed. 

4. Start Exercising After Work
I finally have enough room in my bedroom to roll out a yoga mat without hitting a piece of furniture . For the last few months, I have started to take my walk to and from work for granted, however, I feel it's time (especially as the evenings are starting to get lighter) to not rush home into my pyjamas, but go home, whip out the yoga mat and the Kettlebell that is sitting at my mums house, and actually do something. I've been researching some Youtube videos and I think I'm ready!

5. Read For Half An Hour Before Bed
One of my resolutions was to read 20 books this year. I'm already on book 3, but some nights I forget to read and just try to fall asleep after screen time. I want to definitely take half an hour out every day to put my laptop to one side and read. I'm currently on  How To Stop Time by Matt Haig, but I have a few classics (Jane Eyre & Emma) to read next. 



  1. These are such good changes to make. I find making lunch the night before helps so much. I've been really trying to workout more this year, without having to sign up to the gym, if you're a fan of home workouts, I 100% recommend Lucy Wyndham-Read on YouTube, I've been doing her workouts for the last couple of weeks now and she is fab!

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. Thanks for the recommendations - currently trying to find some sort of exercise that I enjoy doing!


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