Thursday, 28 December 2017

Keep Organised At Work In 2018

Before starting a full time 9-5 job, I pretty much had no idea how to be organised. The first 6 months of working was a real shock and I made a lot of mistakes, many by not being organised. Realising that other people needed information in one place and that I couldn't keep things in my head was a struggle for me at first. The plan for 2018 is to be a lot more organised and completely boss it, but here are some tips if you're just starting out in full time work or want to feel a little more in control.

1. Lists, lists, lists

I have a notebook which I write daily lists. The first thing I do when I get in in the morning is check my list from the day before and add to it anything that comes in on e-mail from the evening before. This'll help me plan my day, but also allow me to add anything that comes in during the day to be added.

Then, every evening before I leave, I pick out all the things I didn't do and write them down for the next day.

2. Write everything down

If anyone mentions something in passing or asks me to do something for them, I'll write it down so I have all the information. In meetings, I make a lot of notes which are really useful to look back on.

3. Don't sit on tasks

Writing daily lists also makes sure I don't sit on tasks that I don't want to do. The more times I write it down under the next day, the more I realise that I haven't done it. It's better to get them over and done with as I have been caught a few times by not doing things and getting stressed every day I write it down.

4. Everyone loves a spreadsheet

When I'm doing research for things or writing plans, I use a spreadsheet document. This also links with writing everything down, especially when things easily could get lost. They are really easy to refer back to and depending on what kind of job you have, to plan or share with others so they can easily pick it up if you are away for example.

5. But don't underestimate paper

With the world going digital, it's sometimes hard to forget about good out paper and pen. Whilst I definitely don't print everything, some things are so much easier printed out so I can scribble all over them and make changes.

6. E-mail folders

I have a lot of different projects to work on at multiple times. It is my task for 2018 to make sure all e-mails go into a relevant folder, so I'm not having to search my inbox for a name I can't really remember.

I am now pretty happy with the way that I am working, and learning from other people who you work with is great, especially once you are starting out. Moving to my second job, I have drawn inspiration from those who I thought worked really efficiently in my old job and feeling a lot better for it.

Here's to making 2018 the most efficient and organised yet!


  1. Do you mind explaining to me the spreadsheet point for me, please? I can't understand what you use them for and how they help you.


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