Saturday, 18 November 2017

Easy Peasy Lemon Drizzle

There's something about Winter and cold whether that makes me want to have cake on the table at all times. We've done pretty well over the last few weeks with an endless supply of cake on the kitchen table made my either myself or my house mate. After my little disaster with trying to make a banana loaf with bananas that weren't really ripe enough, I thought I would just stick to what I know.

Lemon Drizzle is one of my favourite cakes - well, apart from a massive chocolate one but I can't be too picky when the only ingredient I had to pick up was a few lemons at 35p a pop.

This is also super simple to make. I simply measure the weight of two eggs (approx 125g) and then measure out the flour, sugar and butter with that same weight. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Then I grated the zest of two lemons and added that it and put it in the oven in a loaf tin at 180 degrees until it was golden and the skewer came out clean which was about 30 / 40 minutes.

To make the sugary crust, I squeezed the juice out both of the lemon and mixed it with a generous amount of sugar - perhaps too much, but I'm not complaining. I would suggest to use icing sugar instead of caster, but that's something for next time I make it.

Make a few holes in the cake and pour over whilst it is still warm.

Scrumptious weekend (or week day) cake.


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