Tuesday, 10 October 2017

TV Shows I Used To Love*

I was looking through my old DVD boxsets last weekend when I was home and remembered how I would watch them all the time, who even remembers life before Netflix? When Panasonic got in touch and asked me to write a TV themed post to celebrate the launch of their new Ultra HD 4K TV, I knew exactly what I would write about. So dust off those boxsets and rediscover an old gem this Autumn.

From the age of 12 I was asking for Friends box sets every Christmas and Birthday. I had no spoilers and so every episode was completely new. I also had the agonising wait between series if I didn't have the next DVD to move onto and my mum would take them away if I was getting through them too quickly! I still occasionally stick in a random disk and watch them when I can't get to sleep.

This progamme made my early teens. I was absolutely obsessed and I would get every series on DVD after watching them on TV. Every Friday night my Dad would let us stay up and we would watch it together. Not necessarily great family watching, but it was our tradition. Betty was easily my favourite TV character (and still is!). I think that's why I love Jane The Virgin so much as they have so many similarities!

Before Netflix, I watched Gossip Girl on DVD and would lend them out to my friends. I am actually re-watching them on Netflix (they make great morning viewing getting ready for work).

I was obsessed with Smash a few years ago - a TV show about making a Broadway musical? Of course I was hooked. The music was absolutely great, and Megan Hilty was an absolute star in it. I will be digging out the cast recording and belting Let Me Be Your Star in the shower tonight.

Whilst doing our A-Level History, my friend and I thought it would be a really good idea to watch BBC's The Tudors which our teacher had said was wildly inaccurate. I would watch it and pretend I was doing school work (it didn't fool my parents though!). It's also all on Netflix which is great because I would only re-watch the first series all the time.

I will definitely spend the upcoming cold nights re-watching some of my old DVD boxsets. My brother also got all of the Game Of Thrones DVDs for his birthday, and as the only person in the world who doesn't watch it, I should probably get in with the times and steal his DVDs.

- Gossip Girl
- The Good Place
- Gilmore Girls
- Pride And Prejudice
- The Great British Bake off (I actually really like it on Channel 4 *unpopular opinion*
- Strictly Come Dancing

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