Sunday, 11 December 2016

Favourite Blogs

I love reading blogs. That's why I started mine a few years ago. If I ever decide I don't want to blog anymore (which I have been very close to doing multiple times!), I will definitely still keep my twitter account so I can catch up with everyone else's! Here are a few of my favourites lately...

#1 Fox Socks
There's something about Charlotte's blog that makes me feel super relaxed. Whether it's posts about her dog, something funny that happened in her workplace or about books or TV, I love how effortless her writing seems. Her photography is equally beautiful and I just feel all fuzzy when I read it.

#2 Halycon Velvet
Samantha's wardrobe is one that I just want to steal. I am also a really bad ASOS shopper, so I head over to her blog to see the latest things she has picked up for some inspiration. She also makes me want to be more adventurous with my clothing options!

#3 Lashes Of Lifestyle
Chloe's blog just makes me hungry! With posts with recipe ideas, restaurant reviews, as well as lifestyle bits thrown in, there's a good mix of everything!

#4 From Roses
Rebecca's blog also makes me feel very relaxed. I think it's the dreamy dainty pictures and I love her style of writing. Her blog posts are simple, relate able and so varied. She writes from beauty, fashion (I especially love her what she's been wearing posts!), lifestyle, blogging advice as well as everyday advice. I can scroll through for hours!

#5 Hannah Gale
I haven't met anyone who isn't in love with Hannah and her blog. I love how honest, real and hilarious her blog posts are, whether she's writing about a bargain coat from M&S or dealing with periods and other girl problems. All hail the queen of lists.


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