Friday, 30 December 2016

Fox Crochet Cushion cover | Free Pattern

You will need
Cushion pad - I think this was 14 inches and I bought it from Amazon for about £2
4mm crochet hook
Orange, white and black wool 
Wide eyed needle 

1. To make the base of the cushion cover I crocheted 2 large circles, one of white and one of orange using double crochet stitches. 

I used this tutorial and simply expanded the number between the increases to make the circle big enough to fit over half of the cushion pad. 

2. I connected the two circles with a double crochet with the orange wool (which in hindsight I wish I had done with slip stitches or single crochets, but it still looks okay this way, it just gives it a bit of a rim), inserting the cushion pad half way through. 

3. To make the extras, I used the following pattern: 

Start with black wool & 4mm hook, make 2ch
Row 1: 3dc in 2nd ch from hook - turn
Row 2: 1ch, 1dc in each of next 3 sts - turn
Row 3: 1ch, 2dc in next st, 1dc in net stitch, 2dc in last st - turn
Row 4: 1ch, 1dc in each of next 5 sts - turn
Row 5: 1ch, 2dc in next st, 1dc in next 3 sts, 2dc in last st - turn. Change to orange
Row 6: 1ch [1dc in next stitch] to end - turn
Row 7: 1ch, 2dc in next st [1dc in next st to last st], 2dc in last st - turn
Repeat rows 6&7 until desired triangle is formed
I made it long enough that once the end is sewed onto the seam, the nose would go just over the middle of the circle.

This same triangle pattern is made for the paws and ears also.

Paws x4
Follow head pattern until Row 7. Repeat rows 6 and 7 four more times.

Follow head pattern until Row 4 (or desired length if you would like longer ears.

I then sewed these on using the needle and the orange wool. I added two sleeping eyes onto the head and attached the ears on top.

Voila - your own fox cushion cover!


Sunday, 11 December 2016

Favourite Blogs

I love reading blogs. That's why I started mine a few years ago. If I ever decide I don't want to blog anymore (which I have been very close to doing multiple times!), I will definitely still keep my twitter account so I can catch up with everyone else's! Here are a few of my favourites lately...

#1 Fox Socks
There's something about Charlotte's blog that makes me feel super relaxed. Whether it's posts about her dog, something funny that happened in her workplace or about books or TV, I love how effortless her writing seems. Her photography is equally beautiful and I just feel all fuzzy when I read it.

#2 Halycon Velvet
Samantha's wardrobe is one that I just want to steal. I am also a really bad ASOS shopper, so I head over to her blog to see the latest things she has picked up for some inspiration. She also makes me want to be more adventurous with my clothing options!

#3 Lashes Of Lifestyle
Chloe's blog just makes me hungry! With posts with recipe ideas, restaurant reviews, as well as lifestyle bits thrown in, there's a good mix of everything!

#4 From Roses
Rebecca's blog also makes me feel very relaxed. I think it's the dreamy dainty pictures and I love her style of writing. Her blog posts are simple, relate able and so varied. She writes from beauty, fashion (I especially love her what she's been wearing posts!), lifestyle, blogging advice as well as everyday advice. I can scroll through for hours!

#5 Hannah Gale
I haven't met anyone who isn't in love with Hannah and her blog. I love how honest, real and hilarious her blog posts are, whether she's writing about a bargain coat from M&S or dealing with periods and other girl problems. All hail the queen of lists.


Sunday, 4 December 2016

Wild | Book Review

I've never written a book review before, simply because I never read. I couldn't stand the idea of reading whilst at University. Coming home after a day of 'reading' in the library, the idea of picking up a book seemed a lot of hard work when instead I could scroll through the internet to my hearts content.

However, since starting work, having time whilst waiting for the train and now getting bored on the internet, I love reading.

After watching Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life when *Spoiler* Lorelai goes to hike like Wild, I remembered that I was given the book last Christmas, but as expected, it sat in my book shelf. So once I had binged watched Gilmore Girls, I grabbed the book.

I had tried reading books like this before. Books where woman go on self discovering journeys. I never finished Eat Pray Love. The book is still sat on my desk, the bookmark poking out as if it wants me to finish. I expected I would do the same to this book, but I didn't.

The book is based on Cheryl's own experience whilst hiking 11000 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail after the death of her mother, a divorce, drug abuse and feeling disconnected from her family. I found the character (well, I suppose Cheryl) to be likeable - I rooted for her through the whole book, I wanted her to finish her journey so bad.

I loved hearing about the people that she met along the way, from those who gave her somewhere to sleep, to the friends who shared their beers and the ones who gave her much needed advice, like how to order new walking boots. I liked how almost all of the people said she was tough and that they had never met another woman walking the route themselves, but it's almost like she doesn't believe it.

I liked how her backstory was interwoven into the plot. We found out aspects of Cheryl's life before walking the PCT, but not too much which I think was a good thing. I finished feeling so inspired by what she had achieved and how she powered through, despite blistered feet and aching bones. The story was simple, but powerful.

I have to admit, I did a little google about Cheryl, what else she had written and how her story ends. I would love to know what happened afterwards, where she ended up living and if she ever reconnected with her family.

If you like gripping stories, cliffhangers and unexpected twists and turns, this probably isn't for you. But for a little bit of inspiration, a true story, this is definitely worth the read.

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