Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Primark Haul

Working near a Primark is lethal. Whenever I fancy a quick walk at lunchtime, I'll most likely end up in Primark having a quick snoop around. I've found some great things recently - although I really think they should have an online shop!

I use this backpack everyday for work. It's the perfect size for my lunch, purse and book for the train journey. At only £10 it was an absolute steal, and looks like lots of the ones that are in topshop and New Look at the moment. It's also super easy to fling over my shoulders and run for the train at the end of the day!

I am such a lover of knitted jumpers. I always go for black, blue or burgundy, but this time I decided to go for something different. This is super warm and cosy, and really cheap at £10 too. I usually wear with black jeans and boots for work which is perfect.

These dungarees were a bit of an impulse purchase. These are the most comfortable thing in my wardrobe, just because there is not really a proper waistband, just buttons on the side. What I don't like about them is that the top flap is a little bit shorter than I wanted. But at only £15, I'm glad I didn't buy a more expensive pair that would have cost double the price, but I have had some great compliments whilst wearing these.

This blouse looks so autumnal, it is my favourite thing in my wardrobe. I was asked to attend a meeting at work, but I realised I was having a bit of a casual wardrobe day, so I rushed to Primark and picked this top up quickly. For £8 I didn't mind if I didn't hugely like it, but it looked a lot better on than on the hanger, and it worked perfectly for the meeting.

What have you picked up in Primark recently?


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  1. That pink jumper is SUPER cute! I love the things you got. I need to pop into Primark soon for all the Christmas stuff!

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird


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