Monday, 14 November 2016

Blank Notebooks

I vow to fill a whole notebook.

I always wander through Paperchase and swoon over the beautiful notebooks. A5, hardback, spiral bound, soft bound, patterned, plain. And I always wonder, if only I had something to fill up one of these beautiful notebooks with.

I've tried keeping diaries, secret ones with locks on them that I would attempt to write secret things in, until I realised I didn't have anything personal to write. Writing about the weather and my school lessons was not very exciting. At aged 9, your life isn't really diary worthy.

I then tried to have a year diary. I bought one a few years ago, vowing to write down every university deadline, meetings and important things in it. Again, this lasted a few weeks, as I realised it was easier to write them on a big A4 sheet of paper that I stuck next to my mirror so I wouldn't forget. But somehow, I still managed not to notice it.

Then the craze of bullet journalling came along. My bloglovin timeline and instagram full of beautifully created pages. It wasn't until I somewhat started one that I realised that I wasn't creative enough to make the pages look beautiful. If I carried on trying, I would rip all the pages out in fustration as they didn't look pretty enough.

But, I was determined to change. Armed with my £5 birthday Paperchase treat, I marched straight over the notebook area and picked one on.  settled on a blue one, with yellow raindrops in it. And I vow to fill it up. I've realised it's not about being perfect. It doesn't have to look beautiful. I started by writing out what happened in my day. It turns out my life as a 22 year old isn't any more exciting than my 9 year old days. So I quickly stopped that.

I'm now using it for lists: What books I've read, what films I've watched, blog post ideas, favourite blogs, favourite instagrams, favourite songs. Working in a theatre means I have many a tickets to stick in, using the washi tape I purchased but never found a use for. I write down recipes of things I've made as I knew I would never remember the webpage I found it from. I even sat in an evening and wanted to practice some hand lettering. That went in the book.

Who knows, in years to come, I'll wonder what all the fuss was about. Why did I need to fill up this notebook with such mindless and useless infomation. But for now, I like it.


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  1. I know this struggle too! I gave up on my bullet journal and I never know what to fill a notebook with. Lists are definitely the way to go! There's something so satisfying about it.
    Steph x. Hello, Steph Blog


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