Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Instagram Lately

I love Instagram, but find that it is definitely the hardest to get any growth on. After setting up my separate blog Instagram in January, I have loved taking pictures of my favourite products, what I am reading or mainly what I am eating! I'm actually quite proud of my Instagram feed, but take a look for yourself!

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1. The first day my pale legs saw the world this year! It was a beautiful sunny day and I had just finished my exams, so we spent the day lying in the park and reading. 
2. From the same day as before, but look at the perfectly blue sky! 
3. I had done a cheeky book order from Amazon ready for my summer goal of reading again for pleasure! Check out that post here 
4. Soap and Glory's Righteous butter is my favourite summer product, perfect for making you feel a million dollars (check out a review here)
5. Treating ourselves to a subway 2 days before my last exam
6. Because if you don't instagram your revision, did you really revise at all?
7. A classic avacado on toast. I was clearly running out of things to instagram! 
8. I love using postcards from Paperchase as instagram photos or blog photo props. Once I've used them, I then send them to my friends! 
9. I like to think I am a world class toasty maker. This particular one had chicken, pesto, sundried tomatoes and brie! 

10. These homemade American pancakes, made by my besties, were perfect! Nutella plus some heated up berries! 
11. I lost my Five Guys virginity in Birmingham and ordered an Oreo Milkshake. Although it tasted like a liquidized version of a Mcflurry, the excitement was real. 
12. After an intense cheese and wine night, we took a walk around my university town and I found this beautiful house and I couldn't help but picture it! 
13. The view from our walk. I loved that you could see the whole town! 
14. We had to stand on our chairs to get this shot of our breakfast that we ate whilst watching Tony Awards Videos
15. Of course, an instagram shot of food on a duvet cover
16. Possibly another day at the park!
17. I was actually so happy with this photo! I tend to bake when I am bored, and this was the result. Check out the recipe here
18. I tried to practice curling my hair. Instead, it fell out within half an hour and it took me ages to brush out the hairspray. Damn you thick hair! 

19. Sweet Potato Fries are my favourite thing in the world, and I finally perfected the recipe to make them crispy and yummy. Check it out here
20. I've been trying out a kind of bullet journal. It's not very detailed and used mainly for my to do lists, but I thought I would jazz them up with some washi tape! 
21. I recently did a review of La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. If you're interested, check it out here
22. Another Paperchase postcard!
23. My attempt at a bullet journal. Although mine will never be as pretty as the ones I see on Instagram, I will get there one day! 
24. I went boating in Stratford Upon Avon with my friends and it was a beautiful day! 
25. I bought my flatmate a label maker for her birthday, and it actually worked really well! We had loads of fun labelling everything! 
26. I mentioned this in my summer reading list and finished it on the way to London a few weeks ago. 
29. This was on a train to London for a job interview. I was clearly very bored, but I quite like the blurryness! 


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