Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Become a morning person

Whether you have to get up early for work, or just fancy a few more hours of daylight to make it through that to do list, these tips could definitely help!

1. Night shower 

Ah, the age old night shower or morning shower debate. I personally night shower, and I save so much time in the morning as I have already washed my hair the night before. No more going out with wet hair or trying to fight with flatmates in the morning. So all I do in the morning is head to the bathroom, wash my face and clean my teeth.

2. Prepare your clothes 

Whether these are clothes to go to work, lounge clothes or gym clothes, making sure you know where your clothes are so they are easy to slip on is a must. Otherwise, I would lounge around in my pyjamas for ages and never get out of bed!

3. Set an alarm 

When you are first starting out waking up early, I recommend setting an alarm, and sticking to it. No more snoozing!

4. Sleep earlier

This goes without saying, go to bed earlier, and you'll wake up earlier. I try to sleep, unless I am out, by about 10.30 or 11 if I am not particularly tired. Therefore, if you wake up at 6, you've had at least 7-7 and a half hours of sleep.

5. Limit your social media scrolling to 5/10 minutes in the morning

I would sit for up to hours in bed scrolling through instagram, twitter and facebook. Limiting yourself to 5-10 minutes or trying not to at all is a good way to get out of bed and get started for the day!

6. Don't dwell on the tiredness

This may be pure psychological, but the more I think about being tired (and the more I keep saying it to people!), the more I feel tired. Push through that to do list!

7. Keep the routine

Okay, so a few nights out isn't going to hurt, but try and keep a good bedtime routine. It will soon become normal!

8. Prepare breakfast

Make sure you have some time to prepare a nice breakfast. I think that an extra 5 minutes on breakfast is especially worth making it something nicer than plain cereal. A nice ripe avacado always gets me up in the morning! 

What are some of your tips for becoming a morning person? 



  1. This, this, this! People think I am mad for having a shower at night but it does save so much time. I hate having to wake up 2+ hours early for a morning shower.

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

  2. I'm a shower at night person if I need to get up in the morning. I can't be dealing with drying my hair before work haha, prefer to shower when I get home and let it dry naturally! Also deleting the Facebook app off my phone has saved me so much time in the morning. I don't even miss it!

    Hannah xx

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  4. Great tips! I'm not a morning person and I definitely need to start doing some of these like sleep earlier and stick to a good routine!

    Olivia x

  5. I completely agree with all the above! I definitely feel more prepared for the day when I've got all my clothes/bag etc ready the night before!!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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