Saturday, 16 April 2016

Revision Essentials

1. Coloured Pens 
An absolute staple. Who knew writing notes in purple could be fun

2. Highlighters

3. Flashcards 
I like to easily break down my revision into chunks, whether it is writing down key names or theories, they are easy to look through before bed and on the train. 

4. Snacks
I am trying to limit the amount of unhealthy snacks that I eat during revision. I have swapped chocolate for raisins, nuts and fruit, as well as having a larger breakfast and lunch than  usually have. 

5. Tea
Just keep the tea coming is what I say! But make sure to drink plenty of water too (I need to work on this!) 

6. A Cracking playlist 
I love listening to film soundtrack instrumentals when I revise. My current favourites are The Hobbit and Star Wars which can be found on Spotify

7. Comfy clothes 
Especially if you are at home (or in the library, I'm not judging), comfy clothes are so important. I recommend getting changed out of your pajamas, otherwise I feel like I'm going to bed.

8. A Plan
Making sure you have a revision plan is such a thing that you're told to do at GCSE isn't it! But I stand by it. Planning what topics you have to revise and when you want to do these is really helpful for me. Just don't get panicked if this doesn't work out. I am always too optimistic with my times. 

9. An evening off
I always start revision early and finish early. I very rarely work past 7pm and make sure I have the evenings off to chill, see friends and basically make sure I don't become a social hermit. Don't let it rule your life.

10. Pretty Stationery
Of course, this is an absolute must!

What are some of your essentials?


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  1. Plans and coloured pens are my go to essentials for revising, I would have snacks but I think I would get distracted by eating too much ahha lovely post xx

    Sophie |


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