Sunday, 3 April 2016

March Instagram Round up

 1. My love for avacados grew when this one was perfectly ripe and I cut it perfectly #basic 
2. I was very impressed with the Collection Big Fake Curve Mascara 
3. I think this was from the first time I ate an avacado. I put too much salt on it and it wasn't very nice. I felt like a proper blogger though! 
4. Again, another photo of my food. This time I put the avacado is a salad. Revolutionary.
5. Beautiful skies one morning on my way to campus! 
6. I'm loving that Cosmo is only £1 at the moment
7. A full on library session. These are only a small amount of books I have right now
8. A classic selfie. I quite like my hair in this one. 
9. It was raining and all I needed was waterproof mascara and an umbrella. I have since lost the umbrella. 

10. I poached an egg for the first time and was pretty excited about it. 
11. Came back from a rubbish day in the library to find this on my front door. I'm still not sure how it got there! 
12. Another library day. Yawn
13. I bought a new dress from H&M and it was only £13! 
14. I was meant to be working, but instead I baked a cake. 
15. Another breakfast, this time avacado and egg. 
16. Oops put this picture in twice, too lazy to take it out. See no.5
17. I've been loving Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation
18. I bought this dress from Boohoo for £18 for a bal and I loved it! 

19. On a bit of a health drive so made a smoothis. It had raspberry, frozen yoghurt, strawberries and a dash of orange juice and milk. 
20. I also bought some dungarees and don't know if I look cool or like a toddler in them. They are from New Look if you are curious! 
21. A classic lazy day shot - joggers and a cup of tea. Clearly procrastinating. 
22. After my laptop crashed, I just needed an easter egg whilst working. I then ate the other half and was sad. 
23. And here is said Easter egg - the only one I got for Easter :( Growing up sucks
24. Going home and finding all your nice mugs
25. Also, coming home to Stitch 
26. I've really gotten into buying flowers, plus they are so nice to photograph
27. Ah another salad. This time with avacado, chicken and cous cous! 

And that's my little March round up as I didn't have many favourites - the month just went by in a flash!

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  1. It sounds like you had a very busy March! Hope you have a fab April xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  2. You're loving the avacado at the moment! I tried it recently but think I left it too long to ripen, it was a little squishy inside! I think that's me done with them for a while! How did you do the egg by the way? I just cannot poach eggs properly!! x
    Amy at Amy & More


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