Saturday, 23 April 2016

Let's talk about body image

Things have been going a little too well in my life recently. University work is going okay, everything I needed to get done in the Easter holidays was done with a week to spare, 
 and my health anxiety is actually not too bad for the moment. So naturally, I found something else to focus my worries and stress about, and for the past 4 weeks, it's been my body.

I knew that I wanted to eat healthier than I did on Easter weekend, so when I came back to uni, I stocked up on fruit and veg, ditched buying chocolate and had a go at eating more healthily. I started running outside (I go to the gym anyway, so not a hugely big deal). But recently it's got to the point that if I don't eat my 5 a day, it starts to stress me out. I can't wear something without thinking that my stomach looks huge or that my jeans are too tight, and I absolutely hate this feeling, as I'm never somebody who usually worries about this kind of thing. It's about making some more healthy choices but carrying on with your day. But at the moment, it's a feeling I just can't shift.
Body image is a strange thing. I know that most pictures in magazines or on instagram are photoshopped. With filters added and you can fake anything in a quick snap. But still, we strive for these goals that only a minority of women will actually achieve.

If I'm feeling unhappy and un-confident about my body aged 21, how are those girls in their teens feeling? They don't have the same life experience and they've been brought up in a world where image is everything, and where social media rules.

So that's it, I'm deleting My Fitness Pal buying a packet of biscuits and focusing on more important things, like finishing my degree and having the best few last months of uni.

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  1. Loved this post! I know how you feel lovely, I have been through this before and it can be really hard to get through. It's important to remember balance. Don't beat yourself up too much if you don't have your five a day, you are still beautiful X X

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  2. O m g I relate to this post so much! I also recently deleted My Fitness Pal and it was the best thing I've done for my health (and sanity) in ages!

    Lauren X

  3. I put on a TON of weight in final year of Uni and really beat myself up over it and it just made my last months of Uni awful because I felt crap about myself. In the last weeks I just gave up and gave myself whatever I needed to get through it. Thank god i did because I got a 2:1! In the year since then I've focused more on health goals rather than obsessing over weight and jiggly bits and my body image has naturally changed, making me feel more positive. Good Luck at Uni, have the best time and try not to stress about body image, you are amazing for getting through Uni be proud! :)

  4. I think sometimes the biggest thing you can do to help yourself be healthy and feel confident is to not think about it! Let me explain so that doesn't sound odd. When me and my sister were professional wrestlers, we spent 9 years constantly stressing about how we looked in our Lycra, did we have abs, did we have a little pouch, ugh we feel bloated today, we shouldn't have eaten that one tiny bit of chocolate, oh we hate ourselves today for not going to the gym etc. To put it bluntly, it was terrible, not the wrestling just this whole worry and body anxiety part of the whole entertainment world that came with it. Our Brother who is a personal trainer said to us once, "You know when you two stop wrestling, you're going to be in better shape, be happier and feel better." He was right, I don't go to the gym as often as I probably should but when I do go it makes me happy because I WANT to go! I have days where I don't like this and that part of my body but I'm happy because I don't think about it. If I want chocolate I eat it but then there are some days where because i'm not "dieting" or restricting myself from it, that I don't eat it at all! This is turned into a ramble but you just have to do you! Own who you are and be you, believe me I know first hand the wonders of photoshop! ;) We are all unique and if we want to change something we should only ever do it if it makes us feel happy and we want it! :)

    Kelly x |~ SweetIsAlwaysInStyle || Lifestyle Blog ~


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