Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Friction Free Shaving

 I went to my first ever blogger event in Birmingham run by Friction Free Shaving*, a new monthly subscription service that provide blades and razors for as little as £3 a month. 

For someone who always forgets to change their blades and who is too lazy to buy any more (and the fact that they are too expensive!) I think this is such a cool idea. At the event, we were all given a box with 4 blades and our own personalized razors with our names on them. Pretty neat right?! 

The one that we were given was the 'Samantah' at £7 a month with a 5 bladed head. This is the most expensive one, but they start from £3 with 'Faye' which is a two bladed head and 'Frankie' for £5 which has a 3 bladed head. As you can see, a whole lot cheaper than leading brands at Boots or Superdrug. 

I tried it out when I got back from the event, who knew you could get so excited by shaving products. I wasn't used to the weight of the razor, as they are considerably heavier than the normal ones you get in the shop - it was actually quite nice to have something substantial to hold. 

Each monthly box also comes with 4 blades which they recommend to change weekly, but I expect they would last longer depending on how often you shave. 

I was really impressed with the product and the company. It's so nice to meet the people behind the product, and it just adds so much to their brand!

Why not check them out! 



  1. It makes such a difference using a heavy razor, doesn't it!? I absolutely love mine - I need to sign up to the monthly subscription!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  2. This looks really pretty haha. The only think I dislike with shaving is the itchiness after. No matter how much I exfoliate, I will itch! I prefer hair removal cream and find the effects last longer.

    Tea in the Tub


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