Monday, 28 March 2016

The Highs and Lows of University

It's so scary that I'll be graduating soon. It looks as though my last exam is on the 1st June. I'll then have a month and a half until my graduation on the 22nd July - how crazy! I can't believe that this time three years ago, I was revising for my A-Level exams to get into university and now I am almost finished.

I was contacted by Student Hut to do a little colab with them on the highs and lows of University. If you're looking for a university or course, they have loads of reviews for current students, perfect for anyone wanting to go to University or who are off in September!

Although I have said some of the things that I'll miss about uni in a previous blog post, there are still so many highs of university life!

- Moving away from home
I truly believe it was the best thing that I have done in my life so far to move away from home for University. I am at a university about 3 hours away in a place that I had never been before, which sounds daunting, but is amazing. I've become more independent and confident, so much so that I find being at home too suffocating!

- Meeting best friends
It's true what they say, you meet people that are so much like you at university. I've found that my friends that I have made at uni are now closer to me than the ones I had at school. You'll find people with the same interests, hobbies, work ethic as you. And, unlike school, there are so many people to choose from!

- Joining a society
I cannot stress enough that societies are what makes university experiences. You don't remember those days in the library that you had stressing over your degree. You remember the trips, the activities, the tours, the memories with a society. Whether you're into sport, crafts, performance, technology, there is a society for you filled with people who are thinking the same. It's a great way to meet people in other year groups.

- Freedom!
Unlike school and home, you have the freedom. You can buy what you want, do what you want (within reason obviously!). You can go to the shops in your pyjamas! You can hop on a train and go exploring for a day. The possibilities are endless.

- Student Discount
I never want to have to pay full price for anything again, that's until my NUS Extra card runs out in October *sobs*

- Living in Halls
Although I loved the majority of my flatmates, I hated living in halls. Working and sleeping in the same dingy room was confining and depressing. There was never silence, never a time to yourself and it all just comes a bit too much sometimes.

- Student Accommodation.
You've made it out of halls... oh wait, you're now in the world of private landlords and estate agents charging you extortionate amounts for old, cold, damp and moldy houses and flats. Just because you're a student, doesn't mean you can live in inadequate conditions and be played by money hungry landlords! (Luckily my landlord this year is great. We got a new cooker the other day because the door wouldn't shut and it's wonderful).

- If you're not loving your degree...
I'll put my hands up and say that I don't wholly love my degree. I've written about it here before, but it all becomes a bit too much when you actually have to do work! I know that's what you're there for, but it makes it worse when you're not as passionate about it any more.

- Money
The whole student loans system just sucks. End of.

Do you agree with any of these?



  1. Great post! There are definitely downsides to University, but I love it so much too! The societies and clubs one is so important, and it's how I met most of my friends! :)

    Hannah xx | Recent post: Easy Calligraphy Hack

  2. Love this! It's so true. Fair play for sticking to the degree when your heart is not fully in it anymore, most people would have given up on it after investing so much time in it.
    Meeting new people is the best part of college, It's how you really find your kind of people :)

    Amber |


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