Sunday, 20 March 2016

Term 2 round up | University

I've officially finished all of my formal teaching at university. I've finished my penultimate term! Goodness, that is so scary to say out load. The last 10 weeks have absolutely flown by, and graduation is getting ever and ever closer. This term has been somewhat better than the last.

1. Started CBT
Early January, I began having weekly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions for my health and general anxiety after going to the GP in December. These have shaped most of my weeks at University, and I am so glad that I made the leap and talked to someone. 

2. Had my first assessment centre
A few weeks ago I went to a graduate assessment centre for a job. I traveled to an around London for the first time by myself, had someone buy me a coffee as I sat in Starbucks filled with nerves. I didn't get the job, but I was proud of myself for just making it to London. Onwards and Upwards! 

3. Skipping lecture
This term was the most amount that I have skipped lectures ever! I did have a good reason though - it brings up my anxiety levels so much. I made the strategic decision to not go to the ones when my mind starts to wonder, or if I could get them online. Probably bad, I know, but being able to relax a little more has helped things in the mental health department a lot. 

4. Rehearsals
I joined a show this term as well as continued in the a capella choir. Doing extra activities really structures my day, and I'm think I'm more productive because of it! It's these activities that have really made my university career the absolute best. 

5. Haircut
I took the leap (or well the hairdresser did!) and I cut off like 4/5 inches of my hair. It took me ages to get used to it, but now I absolutely love it. I feel like a whole new person, ready to take on anything. 

6. Grades
Luckily, my grades have been consistent all year, gaining 2:1s in all of my essays and assignments that I have had back. Thank goodness is all I can say. 

7. Friends
This has been the term that I have met and made loads of friends, as well as working on previous friendships with people that I know I'll stay friends with after university. It's a shame that I have only got to know people now, but there is still plenty of time. 


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