Wednesday, 9 March 2016

15 Things I will miss about being at Uni

I seem to feel as if I always moan about university. Whether I'm hating on my course, looking forward to leaving or finding the stress and pressure just too much. I don't want to give a tainted view of university, but just make people aware that it is not all going out and getting drunk.

But there are some things little that I'll miss about this whole university and student lifestyle 

1. Buying whatever food you want
2. Being able to have cereal for dinner 
3. Filling up the freezer full of Ben and Jerry's that's half price 
4. Staying in bed on your laptop until midday
5. Being really really spontaneous 
6. Going out and not having to text your parents exactly where you're going
7. Not really having to worry about the outside world
8. Living with your best friends
9. Gossiping until the early hours of the morning
10. It being acceptable to walk around in personalised hoodies, joggers and no makeup, because revision and uni is stressful. That, or you look like you're super sporty.
11. Popping out to get milk in your pjs
12. Also, spending all your day off in your pjs
13. Having a messy room 
14. Exploring new places 
15. Meeting people from all over the world

What are some of the things you'll miss or miss from university? 


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  1. A common theme i'm seeing from your list is PJs and I don't blame you!
    I miss guilt-free doing nothing. I'm actually at uni for the second time round at 28 and anytime i'm not doing something I feel guilty. I suppose because i've lived and worked prior to this so feel bad that everyone else out there is busy and i'm not! Have you got any plans for when you graduate? x
    Amy at Amy & More


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