Thursday, 4 February 2016

Thoughts whilst doing Zumba

1. I'm so ready for this. It's 10am on a Saturday morning, let's do this

2. Okay, this is starting off easy. Just some step and clicks are fine.

3. Woah... slow down, what is going on

4. I have no idea what she is doing. I'll just move my hips and hope for the best

5. I'm definitely doing this wrong

6. I just hit the person next to me. omg.

7. Now I'm super conscious that I'm going to punch someone

8. Seriously, how does anyone make these moves look good?

9. No, wait. The instructor does.

10. How have we got another half an hour left?

11. The looks of utter confusion of the people around you when she introduces a new move

12. I'm shaking my body in ways that I never thought of before

13. I feel like Beyonce right now in the Crazy in Love Video

14. But slightly more sweaty and uncoordinated

15. Squats... no one told me there would be squats

16. My bum is going to be like steel after this

17. These moves are definitely not sexy

18. Thank goodness everyone is feeling the same as me

19. Except one woman who knows all the moves. #zumbagoals

20. Right, I'm going to eat a lot of chocolate now.

Do you try any fitness classes? Can you relate to any of these?



  1. I really think that any exercise class that starts before noon on a Saturday should count for double. I can never really get into Zumba, I prefer Body Combat which is a bit more aggressive - probably says a lot about me!

  2. This had me laughing out loud - I got to 6/7 and made a very attractive snorting noise, haha!! I've never been to a gym class, but when I'm following along to a workout video at home I often feel like I'm flailing around instead of actually doing what I'm meant to!!

  3. Please can I go to Zumba with you? This post honestly is me at Zumba. I love it so much but I completely agree, it's pretty much only the instructor and one person who goes to every class possible who knows it well enough!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

  4. This is so funny! Love your blog :)

  5. Oh god this is brilliant! I'm thinking of joining a Zumba class soon to help me shake the baby weight and I guarantee these thoughts will be going through my head. xx

    Seek My Scribbles


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