Saturday, 13 February 2016

Dear Future Boyfriend...

I think it's safe to say that I am possibly the most single person I know. I'm like Robin from How I Met Your Mother, except less pretty and I don't have dates flying at me from all corners. Okay, so I'm nothing like her, but you get the picture.

As Valentines day is coming up (hooray) and everyone is feeling very loved up at the moment, I decided to put together a little list of things that my future boyfriend has to have/do, just in case there is anyone reading who has a crush on me and want to get on my good side (haha jk).

1. Sing musical/disney duets with me 

This one is a given. I don't care if you can't sing, just sing it with me and know all the words okay? Bonus points if you play an instrument.

2. Be a dog person

I'm sorry, but I don't like cats. I think they just look evil all the time (please don't hate me cat lovers!), so if you get excited when you see a dog too, I think we can make this work.

3. Know when I want to leave social occasions

They need to just know by the way I am looking at my phone and/or yawning that I want to leave. Yep, very important. An introvert needs her alone time!

4. Make the perfect cup of tea

You need to know how to make my tea and remember. How do I have my tea you ask... well, you'll have to get on my good side to make me spill

5. Make me laugh

Because life is too short to be serious all the time

Those are my only 5 requirements... I'm not that picky am I?!

This is so fun to write, and of course I'm not being that serious (seriously I'll take anyone right now), but valentines day is not the day to be sad about not being in a couple. I absolutely love being single, you don't have to share anything and you can watch what TV you want - absolutely winning at life.

If you are celebrating Valentines day, have a good one, but if not, let's order pizza and get an early night! 



  1. Yes to all of this!

    Katie xo

  2. This was such a lovely post!! Definitely be a dog person, how can someone not like dogs I mean come on!!!XX

  3. If you find a boyfriend that has/does all of these, please ask him if he has a brother than I can keep. Oh! And he has to like pizza too, because what's life without pizza?

    Be | lovefrombe


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