Saturday, 20 February 2016

I went for the chop (accidentally)

Over the past few years, I've grown less and less attached to my hair. I'm at the stage now where I think if I don't experiment, I'll be too scared later and be sat wondering what I would look like with shorter hair. So even if this was a kind of accident, I am quite happy that I've done it.

Let's set the scene. I hadn't had a haircut since October, so I looked around locally to find a hairdressers. I kind of love moving around and going to different places, so I just went for it. I noticed that a salon was doing 50% off your first cut and blow dry. Absolutely winning. It turns out that the creative director was the only one doing it, hello £50 haircut for £25. With this in mind, I did not want to waste this opportunity and said that I didn't want to come out looking pretty much the same. 

So after the hairdresser said so many times how much hair I have and that I shouldn't go too short, I pretty much said, do what you want. She kept saying how it is important not to go too short... but alas, I am here with possibly the shortest haircut I have had since I was about 8. 

I still am not sure what I think about it. Everyone who has seen me has loved it, and a waiter in a restaurant even commented on it last night. I guess it's going to take some getting used too, but I know it will grow within the next few months. But for now, let's rock this. 

Update - It's been a week since I first wrote this, and I am slowly getting more and more used to it! 

Have you gone for the chop recently?


Saturday, 13 February 2016

Dear Future Boyfriend...

I think it's safe to say that I am possibly the most single person I know. I'm like Robin from How I Met Your Mother, except less pretty and I don't have dates flying at me from all corners. Okay, so I'm nothing like her, but you get the picture.

As Valentines day is coming up (hooray) and everyone is feeling very loved up at the moment, I decided to put together a little list of things that my future boyfriend has to have/do, just in case there is anyone reading who has a crush on me and want to get on my good side (haha jk).

1. Sing musical/disney duets with me 

This one is a given. I don't care if you can't sing, just sing it with me and know all the words okay? Bonus points if you play an instrument.

2. Be a dog person

I'm sorry, but I don't like cats. I think they just look evil all the time (please don't hate me cat lovers!), so if you get excited when you see a dog too, I think we can make this work.

3. Know when I want to leave social occasions

They need to just know by the way I am looking at my phone and/or yawning that I want to leave. Yep, very important. An introvert needs her alone time!

4. Make the perfect cup of tea

You need to know how to make my tea and remember. How do I have my tea you ask... well, you'll have to get on my good side to make me spill

5. Make me laugh

Because life is too short to be serious all the time

Those are my only 5 requirements... I'm not that picky am I?!

This is so fun to write, and of course I'm not being that serious (seriously I'll take anyone right now), but valentines day is not the day to be sad about not being in a couple. I absolutely love being single, you don't have to share anything and you can watch what TV you want - absolutely winning at life.

If you are celebrating Valentines day, have a good one, but if not, let's order pizza and get an early night! 


Saturday, 6 February 2016

Let's talk about hobbies

In a society where university and the working world seems to take over our life, it seems that no one has time for hobbies anymore. Take students for example, most are concerned about partying, getting a first or 2:1 and doing anything they can to get that top job. What happened to doing something because it's fun and that makes you happy?

Even blogging has becoming not a hobby any more. I'm increasingly wanting to turn it into something that I now put on my CV, or that could help me if I wanted to do something creative with my life, and this makes me really sad. There are also so many of my friends who claim they have no hobbies. They don't do anything for themselves just for the sake of it. Hobbies are what make you interesting, whether its art, knitting, playing an instrument, singing or dancing, not everything has to be a part of increasing your job opportunities or making you money. Life is just too short.

I impulsively bought a ukulele a last week. Probably the worst timing ever as I really should be focusing on my degree, but for £20 and a few youtube videos later, I can string together some chords and even play a few songs. How is this going to help me? Well... it doesn't. And I probably won't ever play in public (well I can if I want to). But it's fun. It lets me forget about other things that is happening and just play for a little while.

Singing is also something I love. I don't want to be a singer, god I'm not good enough. But joining a choir society, meeting new people and just singing for a few hours a week is the best thing ever. I also crochet. Again, whilst looking through amazon, I came across crochet hooks for £3 and thought why not.

I even turned to twitter to ask some of you some of your hobbies. And I got some great ones including painting warhammer, gaming and slam poetry.It's never too late to find a new hobby. Have a look through pinterest, get out that old instrument you never got round to learning to play, dig out a recipe book and get cooking. Just do something that makes you happy, that challenges you and lets you learn something new. Who knows what could happen?

What are some of your hobbies or what have you always wanted to do?


Thursday, 4 February 2016

Thoughts whilst doing Zumba

1. I'm so ready for this. It's 10am on a Saturday morning, let's do this

2. Okay, this is starting off easy. Just some step and clicks are fine.

3. Woah... slow down, what is going on

4. I have no idea what she is doing. I'll just move my hips and hope for the best

5. I'm definitely doing this wrong

6. I just hit the person next to me. omg.

7. Now I'm super conscious that I'm going to punch someone

8. Seriously, how does anyone make these moves look good?

9. No, wait. The instructor does.

10. How have we got another half an hour left?

11. The looks of utter confusion of the people around you when she introduces a new move

12. I'm shaking my body in ways that I never thought of before

13. I feel like Beyonce right now in the Crazy in Love Video

14. But slightly more sweaty and uncoordinated

15. Squats... no one told me there would be squats

16. My bum is going to be like steel after this

17. These moves are definitely not sexy

18. Thank goodness everyone is feeling the same as me

19. Except one woman who knows all the moves. #zumbagoals

20. Right, I'm going to eat a lot of chocolate now.

Do you try any fitness classes? Can you relate to any of these?

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