Sunday, 3 January 2016

Things to do when you're having a bad day

I'm currently writing this in the middle of a bad day. I'm getting annoyed at myself about little things with my health anxiety. You know the feeling when you think something's getting better, and within 5 minutes, it all goes downhill again. Well, you get the picture. So here are a few things I like to do when things aren't going how I hoped. I'm feeling better even just writing this post!

1. Listen to your favourite music
I'm currently listening to STEPS after a little bit of Abba and a considerable amount of time with my 80s playlist!

2. Watch the cheesiest film you can find 
High School Musical is always on the top of my list, I may have to put this on later!

3. Do some colouring 
Ah, the wonderful world of adult colouring. I'm still not very creative at all and I would love to be able to do cool things with different colours and textures. But even so, I got some beautiful ones for Christmas including a Harry Potter one which I can't wait to get stuck into.

4. Be around people
This isn't for everyone, but especially when I am at university with my closet friends, they know with just one look if I'm having a bad. Just a hug and some company is sometimes all I need.

5. Take a walk 
Getting out of the house is also a great shout. I am often worse when I am cooped in all day and just getting out and having some fresh air does so much good. I usually take my phone with me and take a few cheeky snaps too!

6. Find a hobby
I find that sometimes doing something away from my computer screen also really helps. That's why I started crocheting this summer - to do something and produce something that I made with my own hands. I also find baking a huge help. It allows me to focus my energy onto something that will make others happy too.

7. Do something for someone else
Just because you're having a bad day, why not make someone else's? Write your best friend who you don't see very often a letter, or pop into the corner shop and buy your flatmate a little bar of chocolate for when they get in.

What do you do when you're having a bad day? 



  1. I love this! I do some of these same things.

    When I am having a bad day, I usually do one of two things.

    A) Curl up on the couch and fall into a Netflix Coma of "Gilmore Girls" or "One Tree Hill".

    B) Lock myself in my room, turn on some music, and Draw (or write).

    -Ashlee Michelle

  2. Lovely post! I always have a bubble bath and a pamper along with some good home cooked food!
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