Thursday, 17 December 2015

Term 1 Round up

I can't believe that I am now a third way through my last year of university. Seriously, where has the time gone? It only seems like yesterday that I came home from my first term of university and cried because I was sitting on a comfy sofa watching TV - yeah, I was even more emotional than I am now back then. But two years on, the familiar feeling of coming home still feels a little magical.

Term 1 has been interesting. Starting with the not so good, without going into too much detail, I don't think that I have had a day in 11 weeks that I haven't been worried about something, mainly to do with my health. It's absolutely exhausting. I have taken the decision to start counselling again, so will be starting that when I go back after Christmas. Fingers crossed things get better. I am determined that 2016 will be my year.

But moving onto better things, my housemates are the most wonderful beings in the world. They've dealt with my passive aggressive whatsapp messages when the house gets dirty, my incredibly bad moods and crying spells. Additionally, they are just lovely people and they make me everyday want to be a better person.

My course is going okay - all deadlines have been met and I have never turned up to a seminar unprepared, so I am counting that as a win in my books. I had my first assignment for a module outside my course due, so I am very very worried about the outcome of that - I am majorly worried that I have messed up my referencing so they think that I have plagiarised (which I obviously would never ever do), so every time I get am e-mail, I have a little panic. I only have one essay to do over Christmas, so that is also really nice.

In terms of extra things, the last few weeks have been great. Whilst singing in a choir and volunteering at a local theatre company are going swimmingly, I went to the BBC Music Awards (and saw One Direction may I add), Birmingham Christmas Market, tried sushi for the first time, saw Fireworks and Kenilworth Castle and had the best 21st birthday ever.

As many finalists, I am still worrying about graduate jobs. I have applied for some schemes, that have come back that I have either failed their tests (damn maths tests) or just simply that I haven't heard anything from them. I'm at a bit of a limbo stage at the moment, not knowing where or what I will be doing in 6 months time. But I suppose that's all the fun of life isn't it? As one door shuts, another opens. Well it has six months to do so.


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