Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Student Money Saving Tips

It's getting to the last week of term, your bank account is looking a little worse for wear as you wait for the next student loan to come in January -  but you've still got to travel home and Christmas presents to buy. Nightmare!

I will be making full advantage of my last year being able to use my student card to get money off my Christmas presents, it will be a sad day when I can't use it any more! My railcard however is something that I will definitely renew and it is perfect for when I travel home, and they last until you are 25. Good thing I still have 4 years of use!

 Having an NUS Extra card is also so useful - although it gives many of the same discounts for your normal student card, it also gives money off in restaurants, Co-op and even Amazon - so if you don't have one already, it is definitely worth checking out! Although I was always certain that I would never pay for Spotify, they are currently running an offer to have 3 months of premium for 99p. It seemed too good to miss!

TransPennine Express have put together this great infographic for ways for students to save money, which will be especially useful in the Christmas period - maybe try some of them out next term?!

*This infographic was provided by TransPennine Express* 



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