Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Favourite Instagram accounts

I have been absolutely loving instagram recently. I have a personal one and one for the blog, and since I got an ipod touch for Christmas (where the editing features are amazingly better than my windows phone), I've been finding myself looking for more and more instagram inspiration.

Whilst I still have a long long way to go (I'm not sure that I'll ever produce wonderful photos!), I'm keen to keep snapping away. So here are a few favourites of mine:

Jemma's instagram is so beautiful and always updated Her photos make me very jealous of her Tsum Tsum collection and of her drawing skills!

Rhianna's instagram is just fabulous! Her selfies give me major eyeliner envy (seriously, how do you do it?!) and her pictures are stunning.

Just another beautiful instagram. Becky's immaculate white home creates the most beautiful pastel pictures. Her instagrams of her dog Oscar are my favourite though - so cute!

I have only started reading Carrie's blog recently, but her instagram shots are to die for. I must definitely have a thing about instagram accounts with dogs on! Whether its fashion, beauty or a starbucks cup, I'll like them every time.

I love Sophie's blog and her instagram! Her photos are so crisp and clean (is it weird to describe photos as clean?), Her selfie game is strong and I love her fashion sense so much.

Do you have any other instagram accounts I should check out?


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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has Instagram Envy LOL I have 2 instagrams, a personal and a makeup/blog one, and I feel like they are both a hot mess from time to time! LOL

    -Ashlee Michelle


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