Thursday, 26 November 2015

Winter Fashion Haul

 I absolutely love shopping for Winter clothes so much more than summer outfits. Maybe it's the idea of not having to worry that I have shaved or what colour bra I am wearing because you can't tell when you're wearing an array of knitted jumpers right?!

Anyway, instead of working this weekend - which I definitely should have been doing because I am having a little bit of a panic right now - I decided to go shopping instead for my christmassy outfits which I will allow myself to wear when I have finished my essays (next Thursday I will be drinking all the wine and eating all the mince pies as I enter full Christmas mode!).

Firstly, I instagrammed my new ASOS Turtleneck jumper - yes, I have a new instagram for my blog, give me a cheeky follow HERE! - and I am totally in love. It is probably the nicest jumper that I own, plus I totally feel like I am in the cast of Love Actually. Okay, whilst it is highly likely that I am not going to find love this Christmas, I will settle for the turtleneck of my dreams.

Staying on the rollneck trend (see a bit of a theme here), I have been loving the a-line skirt and turtleneck trend this winter, so I went to see whether I could rock it too. Whilst I usually wear quite baggy tops, these are a lot tighter. Nevertheless, I cannot wait to wear these with my next purchase. And the best thing is, they were only £9 each from NewLook, so I picked two up in the very exciting colours of black and grey.

Possibly my favourite purchase is this skirt. Ah I am in love. With one very similar in NewLook, I was very tempted to buy it, but I went to Primark and found one for half the price, so I walked out with this £10 beauty. It is absolutely perfect. However, I am a little scared of wearing it, just because I very rarely wear skirts on a day to day basic. I guess I need to suck it up and just go for it!

Sticking with the A-line trend, I also bought this skirt from Oasis. I actually bought it for my birthday which was in October and I wore it on a night out, however, I can't wait to wear it for Winter too. Paired with a turtleneck and tights, it becomes a lovely wintery outfit.

These purchases have been a bit out of my usual comfort zone, but I am pretty excited about them! 


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  1. Love your purchases, they are so cute! Want to get a skirt like that myself but I'm currently on the hunt for a faux leather one. Generally been loving the AW trend this year :)

    Tess x


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