Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Gym Workout playlist

I find that I do sooo much better at the gym when I have a good playlist on the go. I current aim is to run 5k, so at the moment I am trying to increase my time on the treadmill each session to try and reach this goal (however, at the moment, I am somewhat failing).

I am by no means a gym expert, I am anything but. I usually try and go 3 times a week - although that has dropped to 2 over the last few weeks due to deadlines (or huge amounts of procrastination).

Current Gym Routine 
- Run/Walk for 20 minutes - increasing in speed every few minutes, fast walking half way through and then increase speed every few minutes again

- Cool down 5 minutes - decreasing in speed
- 10x Press ups
- 10x Shoulder Press
- Weighted lunges 
- 10 minutes cross trainer (at whatever pace I feel like, I'm not fussy) 
- 5 minutes Rowing
- 5/10 minutes bike 

I don't always stick to this, sometimes I'll only do half an hour of workout and others I will stay a little bit longer. I'm very casual about it and don't get annoyed if I don't manage it all.

But without further ado, here is my current gym workout playlist. If you use it, let me know what you think. Does anyone agree that you should be acceptable to sing at the gym, because I feel like I want to scream the words whilst I am running!

What are some of your favourite tunes whilst working out? 


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