Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Love Actually Inspired Fashion - The Mighty Turtleneck

Now Bonfire night is over, it is officially Christmas now, right? As soon as I got back from a firework display on Saturday, we headed home quickly, put the kettle on, grabbed all the snacks that we could find and put on Love Actually. I forgot how much I love the film as we cried with Emma Thompson, swooned over Karl and realised again how much we hated Mia. But through all the atrocious fashion of the early 00s (yes, I'm talkin about Kiera Knightly's outfits throughout the entire film), one thing stood out for me. The Mighty Turtleneck.

Yes, you know the ones that every single character owns (honestly, next time you watch it, you will notice them everywhere). From the ones you are envious of (ie. Colin Firth's beautiful jumpers) down to the questionable pastel numbers worn by Liam Neeson. Nevertheless, I too have been looking at investing in this obviously classic pieces and realised that they are absolutely everywhere this winter. 

So, in true blogger style, finding inspiration everywhere, I have put together a little list of some of my favourite Love Actually inspired turtlenecks that I will probably be purchasing over the course of Autumn/winter. 

Top Left - Newlook
Top Middle - H&M
Top Right - Newlook
Bottom Left - H&M
Bottom Middle - Newlook
Bottom Right - Topshop

And on this note, I will leave you with this fabulous Buzzfeed article which ranks the best turtlenecks in Love Actually - my favourite definitely wins. 

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  1. Love this post!
    can't wait to purchase new turtlenecks this year myself!


  2. Oh my god I love this post! Hilarious that Colin Firth is style inspo but he really is. Love a turtleneck jumper!

    Lois xx www.aworthytrend.blogspot.co.uk


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