Thursday, 26 November 2015

Winter Fashion Haul

 I absolutely love shopping for Winter clothes so much more than summer outfits. Maybe it's the idea of not having to worry that I have shaved or what colour bra I am wearing because you can't tell when you're wearing an array of knitted jumpers right?!

Anyway, instead of working this weekend - which I definitely should have been doing because I am having a little bit of a panic right now - I decided to go shopping instead for my christmassy outfits which I will allow myself to wear when I have finished my essays (next Thursday I will be drinking all the wine and eating all the mince pies as I enter full Christmas mode!).

Firstly, I instagrammed my new ASOS Turtleneck jumper - yes, I have a new instagram for my blog, give me a cheeky follow HERE! - and I am totally in love. It is probably the nicest jumper that I own, plus I totally feel like I am in the cast of Love Actually. Okay, whilst it is highly likely that I am not going to find love this Christmas, I will settle for the turtleneck of my dreams.

Staying on the rollneck trend (see a bit of a theme here), I have been loving the a-line skirt and turtleneck trend this winter, so I went to see whether I could rock it too. Whilst I usually wear quite baggy tops, these are a lot tighter. Nevertheless, I cannot wait to wear these with my next purchase. And the best thing is, they were only £9 each from NewLook, so I picked two up in the very exciting colours of black and grey.

Possibly my favourite purchase is this skirt. Ah I am in love. With one very similar in NewLook, I was very tempted to buy it, but I went to Primark and found one for half the price, so I walked out with this £10 beauty. It is absolutely perfect. However, I am a little scared of wearing it, just because I very rarely wear skirts on a day to day basic. I guess I need to suck it up and just go for it!

Sticking with the A-line trend, I also bought this skirt from Oasis. I actually bought it for my birthday which was in October and I wore it on a night out, however, I can't wait to wear it for Winter too. Paired with a turtleneck and tights, it becomes a lovely wintery outfit.

These purchases have been a bit out of my usual comfort zone, but I am pretty excited about them! 


Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Gym Workout playlist

I find that I do sooo much better at the gym when I have a good playlist on the go. I current aim is to run 5k, so at the moment I am trying to increase my time on the treadmill each session to try and reach this goal (however, at the moment, I am somewhat failing).

I am by no means a gym expert, I am anything but. I usually try and go 3 times a week - although that has dropped to 2 over the last few weeks due to deadlines (or huge amounts of procrastination).

Current Gym Routine 
- Run/Walk for 20 minutes - increasing in speed every few minutes, fast walking half way through and then increase speed every few minutes again

- Cool down 5 minutes - decreasing in speed
- 10x Press ups
- 10x Shoulder Press
- Weighted lunges 
- 10 minutes cross trainer (at whatever pace I feel like, I'm not fussy) 
- 5 minutes Rowing
- 5/10 minutes bike 

I don't always stick to this, sometimes I'll only do half an hour of workout and others I will stay a little bit longer. I'm very casual about it and don't get annoyed if I don't manage it all.

But without further ado, here is my current gym workout playlist. If you use it, let me know what you think. Does anyone agree that you should be acceptable to sing at the gym, because I feel like I want to scream the words whilst I am running!

What are some of your favourite tunes whilst working out? 


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Love Actually Inspired Fashion - The Mighty Turtleneck

Now Bonfire night is over, it is officially Christmas now, right? As soon as I got back from a firework display on Saturday, we headed home quickly, put the kettle on, grabbed all the snacks that we could find and put on Love Actually. I forgot how much I love the film as we cried with Emma Thompson, swooned over Karl and realised again how much we hated Mia. But through all the atrocious fashion of the early 00s (yes, I'm talkin about Kiera Knightly's outfits throughout the entire film), one thing stood out for me. The Mighty Turtleneck.

Yes, you know the ones that every single character owns (honestly, next time you watch it, you will notice them everywhere). From the ones you are envious of (ie. Colin Firth's beautiful jumpers) down to the questionable pastel numbers worn by Liam Neeson. Nevertheless, I too have been looking at investing in this obviously classic pieces and realised that they are absolutely everywhere this winter. 

So, in true blogger style, finding inspiration everywhere, I have put together a little list of some of my favourite Love Actually inspired turtlenecks that I will probably be purchasing over the course of Autumn/winter. 

Top Left - Newlook
Top Middle - H&M
Top Right - Newlook
Bottom Left - H&M
Bottom Middle - Newlook
Bottom Right - Topshop

And on this note, I will leave you with this fabulous Buzzfeed article which ranks the best turtlenecks in Love Actually - my favourite definitely wins. 

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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Current Favourites

Again, long time no see. Trying to find the time at the moment to sit down, take photos and write a blog post is getting even more difficult these days, which I am finding really sad. Hopefully when I sort my life out a bit more and stop procrastinating, I'll get onto writing some more blog posts!

First favourite is definitely Autumn. It is my all time favourite month - snuggly jumpers, scented candles and the beginnings of Christmas. Perfect!

My second favourite is my Cambridge Satchel. Urgh I am totally in love. It was a present for my 21st Birthday from my Dad and whilst I would never even think about spending over £100 for a bag, it is probably the prettiest thing I own in my wardrobe. I chose a classic Batchel (as the handle is soo useful!) in Oxblood with my initials embossed on the front (in blind in case anyone cares). Whilst I can't take it with me for a jam packed day at uni, I take it shopping or when I only have one or two hours on campus. It arrived in a lovely burgundy box, which inside had a drawstring bag with my satchel inside, a little note from my Dad and a Curly Wurly. Good work Cambridge Satchel Company, good work.

To complete the autumnal look, I am also loving tartan scarves and brown boots. My tartan scarf I believe was £5 from Primark whilst my boots are from New Look. I love crisp autumn days and I feel like a walking Pinterest photo cliche, but I absolutely love it.

I am also obsessed with "How to Get Away With Murder" on Netflix at the moment. I don't usually like things like this, but I am totally hooked. It's about a bad ass lawyer and her students as they become involved in a murder plot - totally gripping stuff.

So that's it, my current favourites. I don't have many at the moment. To be honest, my life is currently made up of a whole lot of procrastination, stress and anxiety right now, but hopefully the excitement of Christmas and the adrenaline of impending deadlines will soon take over and things will get better.

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