Sunday, 11 October 2015

Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Long time no see! If you have been reading before, you will know that I went to the Edinburgh Fringe festival this summer. I have already written a little post about it on here before, but when Enterprise Magazine asked me to write an article for their "Schools Out For Summer" feature where they asked bloggers about their best summer memories, of course, I had to write about this summer.

Check out the article HERE, or have a read below - and please let me know what you think! Even though I have been writing on here for about a year, I am still trying to find my writing style, so any feedback would be great!  


1 City, 25 days and over 3000 shows in 313 venues. Over the entire month of August, theatre and arts lovers flock to Edinburgh to take part in the largest arts festival in the world. And of course, I was one of them.

Choosing to spend the majority of my university summer holidays in Edinburgh was an easy decision. Having the chance to see some amazing (and some questionable) theatre and meet likeminded people is such an amazing opportunity that I couldn't turn it down. However, venturing to Edinburgh for an entire month may seem to some as a relaxing holiday, but honestly, it was anything but.

My Edinburgh Fringe journey started way before the beginning of August. As the producer of a show, as soon as I got the go ahead, I was booking accommodation, renting cars, sorting out budgets and overseeing the rest of the team. Although most of my hard work was over by the time we arrived, it honestly didn't stop there! Once the festival got into full swing, myself and the rest of the cast and crew would head out for what felt like hours flyering on the Royal Mile. Trying to sell your show to unenthusiastic members of the general public was not a fun task - you have to get over the fear of rejection instantly.

The festival is incredibly demanding and hard work, something that people don't realise. I spent ever waking hour worrying about something, whether it was budget or making sure that set and equipment was being couriered to the right places. But would I have changed my summer plans? No! It was all worth it when everything falls into place.

Between busy schedules, time was allowed to see some amazing shows. My particular highlights were Christina Bianco, a youtube sensation and incredibly talented impressionist and singer. Her one woman show of Party of One described how she got into impressions, singing some of her favourite songs and telling her story. It was inspirational and I could only sit in awe of her incredible vocal chords. Additionally, Baby Wants Candy, a company from America bringing a full band improvised musical to the Fringe were equally amazing. Their improvisation skills and voices were stunning and their comedy timing was absolutely perfect. I don't think I have laughed so much watching a show before.

The Edinburgh Fringe was the perfect way to spend my summer holidays. I got the chance to hang out with my best friends and do something that I love. I would also love to get into arts management/production, so also, whilst not the most conventional way to carry out work experience, I also have something amazing to put on my CV whilst having fun.

When people come up to you in the street and say how much they enjoyed the show, commending the cast and making them feel like celebrities, walking up to the top of Arthur's Seat with your best friends feeling like you can concur anything, and when you see that piece of theatre that made you cry with laughter, you realise that Edinburgh is really the best place to be.


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