Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Why do we blog?

I don't tell anyone that I blog. I always wonder if people that I know and have met in real life know that I have been writing for the past year, on the internet for anyone to see. That's quite a scary thought.

I was having a conversation with my family the other night about how things have changed since we started secondary school (all the way back in 2006!), and talk quickly got onto the internet and most particularly vlogging and blogging. My family thought it was weird that people want to look at the lives of others. I kept my mouth shut. It's a really weird thing to explain why I like looking at blogs and watching vlogs. Partly because I am looking for inspiration, partly because I am interested in the way that other people live (I do study for a sociology degree!) and just because I am being nosey really. Luckily, my brother tried to explain why he watched daily vlogs by seeing a life that is different to yours.

I started blogging in summer 2014. I was bored and had been reading blogs, specifically beauty blogs for years, and thought that I could do that too. It's weird, because I don't mind complete strangers reading my blog, but the first thought that someone might know about my blog makes me worried. I'm worried that my close friends wouldn't understand, and that I would be mocked or judged for the things that I am posting.

I can't really explain why I like reading clothes or stationery hauls or why I like looking at recipes or outfits of the day. It's hard to explain that to people who don't read blogs or write themselves. I still wouldn't call myself a blogger. But what actually makes a blogger? Is it having thousands of readers, or working with lots of companies?

I guess blogging is something personal to us. I don't know if I will tell my friends and family that I blog, but for now, sharing parts of my life with complete strangers online is fun.



  1. This is such an insightful post. I don't tell anyone I blog in real life. I love the idea that you can meet strangers and become friends because of what you share in common x


  2. well said,great post which i really enjoyed reading! I am the same in that i havn't told my friends or family about my blog and with some of the stuff i wrote,i am very happy to keep it this way for now.It's one of the best things i ever done was to start my blog as i have made lots of new friends xx

  3. It's actually quite hard to put my finger on just why it is that I read and write blogs! I guess it is something about just enjoying finding out about other people's lives. I've outright announced to my friends and family that I write my blog, but I do promote it on my twitter, and some of them follow me on there. I was always really concerned what people would think, but I know my sister reads every post, and two of my friends told me they'd seen the blog and really liked it! So if the time comes to tell people about your blog, don't be afraid!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  4. I completely agree, no one knows that I blog apart from my twin sister and a select couple of friends, it's really hard to tell someone that I do blog because no one really gets it, especially older people!

    Rebeka from Rebeka Taylor xx


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