Monday, 14 September 2015

It's Okay To Say No

I am a firm believer that a night in can solve all of life's problems (okay, so maybe not all of them). Okay, so maybe that makes me a loner that I have passed many a night out with friends, for some quality me time and the chance to spend all night in my pyjamas. Maybe that's something that comes with my introverted nature.

I am sure there is a moment in our lives when we have a "just say yes" thought, where we believe that saying yes to things will drastically change our lives. Whilst I don't believe that sitting waiting for things to happen is the way to live your life, I don't believe that doing things that you don't want to do is the way forward either. I have often written about my experiences of university, and the expectations that it came with. Being the fun, outgoing and lively student played havoc in my first year, making my anxiety flare as I couldn't live up to these expectations that the media, friends and family, and myself had put up for me. I wanted to be that person who said yes, but I soon realised that this isn't healthy.

That's why in my second year, I forgot all of those. Whilst I increased my social aspect in some ways, I learnt to say no. Saying no to a night out for example isn't going to make you lose a friend. They may be annoyed for the night, but they will soon get over it.

Whilst they say that life is too short to sit around all day, life is also too short to do things that you don't want to do. If I want to sit in, watch Bridget Jones and crochet, then no one is going to stop me. Why is there such a stigma about just saying a simple two letter word? No.



  1. This is a really good post! The amount of times I had to say No to going out etc for a variety of reasons but would be overcome with guilt was horrible. Yet, its taught me that I have stand up for myself and who my real friends are!

  2. Of the main parts that put me off going to uni is saying no to nights out. It's not me, I wouldn't want to go out on one. I am not a night owl at all but am scared that people wouldn't talk to me or want to be my friend if I never went out with them x :)

  3. Love, love, love this post. Fair play to you for standing up and saying no and putting what you want first. You want to sit in and watch Netflix for eight hours straight? You do it. Major respect!

    Excellent stuff. :)

  4. Wait until 10 years down the line, you'll look back at this post and wonder how you got to the stage where a night out cones once every three months, you won't say no then, lol! I could never say no and I wish I coulda done, I wasted so much money and had some really unnecessary hangovers because I was scared to miss out... Not like I woulda missed out had I said no! Enjoy your time, it's yours :)


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