Saturday, 5 September 2015

Edinburgh Fringe 2015

If you've noticed (or not noticed!) that I have been a bit absent on social media and on my blog recently, it's because throughout the entire month of August, I was in Edinburgh taking part in the biggest arts festival in the world. This was my second year, but this time, I was there for the whole month, and the producer of a show, so the pressure and the stress was on!

I treated myself to a first class ticket up to Edinburgh (as it only cost a few pounds more), so I left on the 1st August from London Kings Cross ready to take the four and a half hour journey up. Can I just say that first class is amazing. I was fed and watered through the whole trip, plus free wifi, so who could complain?

The first few days were filled with meetings with the venue, sorting out the flat and making sure that everything was running smoothly. To be honest, most of my hard work had happened before we arrived, however, I wasn't slacking throughout the month!
I ate a LOT of Macaroni Cheese pies!
A usual day would consist of waking up late and flyering on the Royal Mile from about 1. I would then go and see a show in the afternoon and continuing flyering before my show which was at 5.30. We could then do what we pleased afterwards, but we were usually too tired to do anything. Trying to sell your show to unenthusiastic strangers wasn't really that fun - you have to get over rejection instantly. However, what made it fun was being with all of my friends.

It wasn't all work though. I saw some amazing and inspiring shows. My personal favourites were Christina Bianco. You probably don't recognise the name, but you would recognise her Youtube videos. She sings songs in the styles of Broadway and music stars. She was absolutely hilarious, plus she is an incredible singer. Her show "Party Of One" deserved all the raving reviews and it was one of my favourite moments. I also caught a few musicals including "Ushers:The Front of House Musical" which was perfect for a theatre and musical lover like myself, and "Zanna Don't" a musical set in a high school where it is cool to be on the chess team and normal to be gay. I also caught "Baby Wants Candy" and "Showstoppers", two professional improvised musical troupes from America and the UK respectively which blew me away by their improvisation skills and talent.

Climbing up Arthur's Seat was also a highlight. The view made the hour walk worth it. I am not very outdoorsy, but once I made it to the top, I felt like I could concur anything.

  If you ever get the chance to go the Edinburgh Fringe, take it with both hands. Meeting other theatre lovers and putting together a show made me realise that this is what I want to do with my life. I want to create theatre, I want to produce art. I want to meet all the people and be surrounded by people who love the same thing that I do. The atmosphere was electric, and although it was probably the most tiring and stressful month of my life, I think it is the month that I am most proud of. This is the biggest project I have ever worked on, and I feel proud of myself for coming out the other end, overcoming all the pressure and telling myself that I can achieve something big.

What have you been up to this summer?

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  1. Brilliant post! Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities and I try and go up for the Fringe every summer - the atmosphere is unbeatable :)

    Rachel | Beauty and The Bird

    1. Ah thank you! did you manage to head up this year? :) x

    2. Unfortunately I didn't as I went to Edinburgh in July :( Fingers crossed for next year!! x


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