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My First Year || Interview || Celeste

1. What course are you studying?

To be honest, I'm in the process of switching my concentration! My major, Informatics, is staying the same. However, I am planning on switching from the Business Informatics concentration to the Digital Media Technology Concentration. 

By the way, I always get asked what Informatics is when I answer this question, so I'll go ahead and explain here too! Informatics is the study of the structure of computers and other computational systems. It includes learning about the hardware and the software, and effectively using that knowledge to benefit an individual, company, or organization. 

2. Did you move into University accommodation or stay at home?

I stayed on-campus, but at first I did not intend on staying! I ended up getting a scholarship that covered half the cost of housing, so I changed my mind. (A note there-- make sure to apply for all scholarships and send all your test scores--you never know how it will help!) 

3. What have been some of your favourite parts of university so far?

Living on campus! Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I almost didn't live on campus. It was a great experience, and the independence was probably the best part. The second best part? Not having to commute to class. I ended up having 8 AM classes my first two semesters, and if I didn't live on campus I would be stuck in terrible 7AM traffic. A fifteen minute walk is much better than a 45 minute drive-bus ride-walk. Also, let's admit it, decorating a dorm is so fun. I ended up becoming really close to a couple of people because I chose to live on campus.

That leads me to my next favourite part. Meeting so many new people. Going from high school to college is a huge transition. I was amazed at the sheer amount of people. And, all of them so different! I'm glad I got the chance to meet some of these different people---I've made some new friends that I will always remember and hope to always stay friends with. 

And if I may say one more thing--- getting to wear whatever I want! I went to a high school where uniforms were mandatory. Now in college I can actually wear all these cute clothes my closet is full of!

4. What have been some of the worst parts of university so far?

Getting overwhelmed with work! I always found that college professors like to pile on the homework and projects all the same week. Seriously, one week I'd be amazed because I had no homework; the next I would be struggling to meet four different headlines. But I'll admit, this was also partially my fault. It is really easy to neglect deadlines when they aren't due for a couple weeks.'d be surprised how fast those two weeks will fly by and the deadline is a big slap in the face! It was definitely easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you didn't have time to do anything other than coursework.

Another thing that has made me furious about college is the fact that mine has such dreadful WiFi. It's really crazy; my major building is the computer science building, and you'd be surprised at how slow it is! And forget trying to access it in the library, good grief. In fact, the first week of my second semester I was unable to turn in a homework assignment because campus WiFi bugged out on me and the assignment didn't submit. Talk about frustrating.

5. Are you happy with your choice of choosing to go to university? Would you choose a different course?

I am definitely happy with my choice of going to university (college for us Americans, haha!). I know that it definitely isn't for everyone, but I couldn't imagine any other way for me, personally. 

6. Do you have any advice for Freshers coming to university this September or any other words of wisdom?

This may seem so obvious. But do. your. homework. It's easy for you to lose track of what all you must do for each class, especially since most professors won't remind you more than once, if even that. I have friends that were much worse off in classes since they kept forgetting to do homework. On the other hand, I ended up getting a B in two difficult courses because I did my homework!

Also make yourself inviting, and make small talk. I know you may be thinking...but I'm shy! And that's the thing, I am too! But small talk requires little to no effort or confidence. And quite often it may bring up topics that will further your conversation and maybe even lead to a new friendship! Seriously; things like "What's you major?", "Where are you from?", and "How do you feel about the professor?" are very simple questions that can lead to interesting conversations! As for making yourself inviting, all you really need to do in that case is smile at others. Smiles are so inviting! :)

7. Describe your first year in 3 words

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