Monday, 31 August 2015

My First Year || Interview || Anastasia/Stas

1. What course do you study?

I study Management of the production sector. It's includes economics, management, marketing, logistic and many different interesting subjects. 

2. Did you move into University accommodation or stay at home?

I've stayed at home, because it's takes only 30 minute drive to my University from my home. But I'm sure that living in community with your uni friends is super funny and not scary. 

3. What have been some of your favourite parts of university so far

If we're talking about subjects - the most favourite was economics. I really enjoyed study this subject in school and love study it at the university, not matter if it's hard. If we are talking about Uni at all: I think that my favourite thing is that there are so many interest and amazing people, which have the same interest as you have. At my university study about 14000 student, so every day you can meet new friends!

4. What have been some of the worst parts of university so far

Sometimes, I'm super lazy and un-organized human. And when you have so many home work you should do I was doing it at last moment. That's why I had got so many stresses. It was the worst.

5. Are you happy with your choice to go to university? Would you change your course?

Yes I am. My mom let me chance to choose by myself. I was thinking about it so long time even last year. But with the time I understood that I am on the right way :) 

6. Do you have any advice for Freshers coming to university this September or any words of wisdom?

Do not be afraid. This is the most important.
You'll meet so many new people, some of them will be your new best friends maybe, but you should remember that not everyone wish you good. The study will be easy for you if you study as is needed. But at all: work hard, have fun, no drama

7. Describe your first year in 3 words

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