Friday, 10 July 2015

The Last 5 Years | Film Review

Chances are that you probably haven't heard of the musical 'The Last 5 Years'. I hadn't until this year, and I am a huge musical theatre nerd! Based on the musical written by Jason Robert Brown (who also wrote Songs For A New World, Parade and 13), the film came out on Valentines Day this year in selected cinemas. It unfortunately didn't show at a cinema near me, but I picked up the DVD from Amazon, and I was not disappointed.

Starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan (SMASH and Broadway fans, will know who I am talking about), the whole film is sung in song, so a bit of a heads up if it is not your thing. It's not like your conventional musical, with no cheesy choreographed dance numbers. Instead, it's a little more raw, something that I am not really used to.

It tells the story of Cathy and Jamie's relationship over the last 5 years. Cathy, played by Kendrick, tells the story from the end of their relationship, whilst Jamie (Jeremy Jordan) begins chronologically, sounds confusing right? And it is a little bit. There are some bits that I am not really sure where in the relationship they are. You have to keep the idea that they are on different time scales in your mind when watching it and it does seem a bit muddled. But the music is absolutely beautiful. My personal favourites are 'Goodbye Until Tomorrow' and 'Still Hurting'. If you don't watch it, just give the soundtrack a listen (the film or the musical) as the songs are lovely.

I would love to see a stage version of this, (I believe there is a production at the Edinburgh Fringe this year), but I would recommend it to musical, and non-musical lovers. As a fan of Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan, I really enjoyed it. Maybe not a feel-good musical like Hairspray or Grease, but good nonetheless.
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