Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Moving back home

I never really had a strong group of friends growing up. I was stuck in the middle of two groups, not really in either of them. At the time, I didn't really mind. I was determined to get my grades so I could move away from university and start all over again. It's not until you move back home when you start thinking about if you should have done things differently.

I recently tweeted that all I seem to be doing is watching Netflix, reading and crocheting at the moment. Some replied, saying that that sounds perfect. From the outside it does, but from where I am sitting, having a limited amount of people to meet up with at home makes it is different than it seems. Of course I am enjoying catching up with Pretty Little liars, but when I see my friends from university out with their home friends enjoying the sun, I can't help but be jealous. I wish I had those people who I could go to back to at home.

I do have friends at home, a few good friends who I see maybe once a week if I am lucky. They too have boyfriends or friends from school who I never really fitted in with. I don't get invited to their outings, and whilst I don't know if I would actually go, I sometimes get FOMO and wish that I was.

Moving back home comes with other struggles. Losing my independence, just generally living with my family can sometimes drive me a little crazy and I guess I'm just feeling a little trapped, where at university I feel so free with my amazing new friends.

I always enjoy being in my own company (classic introvert!), being alone, but not lonely. But for the moment, I am alone, and feeling just a little bit lonely. 

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  1. I can totally understand what you feel, really totally. I have been there, and i experienced all that you say because i studied abroad. But for me, i still now live abroad so i still kind of live what you are experiencing right now, Here i have friends but it is never like those i had before ..


  2. I moved around a fair bit when I was younger and I think I learned never to really create long term friendships so I do sometimes find myself a little isolated. A lady in my office recently recommended me a website she uses call meetup.com and you can just join like minded people at activities/ nights out/ whatever you fancy. It can be a little scary at first but we have to start somewhere I guess :)

    Gillian  xx  EyelinerFlicks

  3. I completely understand what you're going through. Boyfriends do get in the way - that's for sure. The amount of times this summer I have pushed away for a boyfriend is upsetting! Only a couple of months and you'll be back at uni!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

  4. You'll be back in uni in no time- I totally understand you. like I can be alone fine but there are times like you said that it would've been fun to hang out with friends.
    Jade x

  5. I know exactly where you're coming from. Although I have some lovely friends at home, mostly we did things as a group and most of them I probably wouldn't meet up with just one on one. My friends also all work full time now that they've all graduated, whereas I'm only just getting the end of my fourth year of uni and have another to go! My course also has slightly different term times to everyone else, meaning that generally when I'm home they've all gone off on holiday or summer jobs. It's tough, but I still come home and enjoy spending time with my family, as well as at least make an effort to text people and see if they happen to be around.
    Jennifer x
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