Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Learning to Crochet

Having finished exams over a month ago, and now having moved back home for the summer, I am finding myself a little bored. In my 'Student Summer, what to do?!" post last week, I mentioned that I have started crocheting to fill in my time *I know people will be asking why I don't have a job, unfortunately no one will hire me when I can only work for a month!*.

So far, I am absolutely addicted to crocheting. I know that knitting is seen as an old granny hobby, but it seriously isn't. Scrolling through Pinterest caught my imagination of all the adorable crochet (or amigurumi) animals that I could make. So I took the plunge. Ordering these crochet hooks off Amazon for £3.19 - an absolute bargain - and some wool from my local pound shop, I was ready to go. 

Youtube was my first port of call. I dived straight in with learning how to do a 'granny square' and found the youtube channel Bella Coco. Sarah-Jayne's videos are so simple to follow. It does take a bit of practice, especially with holding the needle and wool, and some googling, but I eventually got the hang of it and made my first squares. 

With my new skills, I turned straight to try and make 3D stuffed creations. I have given most of my first ones to friends, but I finished a Baymax today from Big Hero Six using this pattern and I am really happy with it. Because I don't have any fibre stuffing, I use scrap pieces of wool, or I cut up things that I tried to make, but went wrong!

I can't wait to find some more patterns and colours and carry on crocheting. I am completely addicted. I would love to make my own patterns and sell some of my crafts, but for now, I am happy with making my friends handmade creations. 

If anyone wants me continue with this little series, showing what I have made and maybe some tutorials, let me know! 



  1. That Baymax crochet looks so adorable! I used to crochet a bit at my school knitting club but I think I've forgotten most of my skills now. Might start it again during this break :)

    1. It is pretty cute isn't it. Ah do it, I find it so therapeutic! xx

  2. Wow - Baymax looks fantastic! I learned to knit last summer but by that I mean - learn to knit. I have never actually made anything. It does make me want to give crochet a go though!

    Rachael at


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