Sunday, 19 July 2015

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I have definitely been behind of the times - I recently got Netflix. I know, I know, I am very late to the party, but I already have a long list of things to watch next!

1. Gossip Girl

I started watching Gossip Girl quite a while ago, but never actually finished. So I have been watching season 5 and 6 over the last few days. I'm on the last few episodes, and even though I know who Gossip Girl is (damn spoilers), I'm just finishing off the last few episodes of series 6. I love when TV series get a bit ridiculous towards the end, I am struggling to keep up about who is scheming with who!

2. Gavin and Stacy

Netflix have series 2 and 3, so I have been reliving those series and I didn't remember how hilarious it was, I'm not sure that I was old enough to appreciate the jokes when it first came out. Nessa is definitely my favourite character and has some absolutely brilliant lines. Again, I am on series 3 and have just  few episodes left!

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I sat and binge watched this over a few days, and I cannot wait until the next series. The story was so different than anything I had seen before, and with some hilarious cast members, Tina Fey, John Hamm, and more that I recognise from watching SNL on youtube, it is definitely a must see.

4. Clueless

Although Clueless was out 20 years ago, I had never watched it all the way through. I actually really enjoyed it, although I must have missed the part when Josh (Paul Rudd's character) was named as her step brother rather than half brother, and you must imagine how I reacted at the end! Whilst not as memorable as Mean Girls for example, I really enjoyed it and will definitely watch again.

5. Sherlock

Yes, I am so late the party with this one. I never watched Sherlock when it was on TV, but I have been watching a few episodes and I am really impressed. I think that I finally understand the hype! Benedict Cumberbatch is brilliant and I can understand how my friends felt waiting for the next series to be announced. Unfortunately Netflix only has the first two series, so I will have to find the third so I can catch up before the christmas special.

On my list to watch: 
- Pretty Little Liars
- The Originals
- Orange is the new black
- The Help
- The Office US 

Do you have any more suggestions? 
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  1. I also recently discovered Netflix, so you're not the only one late to the party ;). I highly recommend Orphan Black. I watched three seasons in only two weeks.
    Have a great day! xx

    1. Ah glad I am not the only one!! Oo will get on this next! xx

  2. Just like the comment above - Orphan Black. It's incredibly gripping. I've also got though two series of Fresh Meat in about a week and half because I never watched it when it was on tv
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog


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