Thursday, 18 June 2015

Fashion things I just don't 'get'

I am very much a 'basics' girl. I pretty much wear a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt every day, occasionally jazzed up with a necklace when I am feeling especially fancy. But as I wondered around topshop yesterday, there are just some fashion things that I don't get. I am not shaming anyone who wears these, many of these look incredible on other people, but when I try one on, I look like a potato.

1. Crop Tops
When I go into a shop and see the perfect top, only to discover that it will only reach my belly button is one of life's greatest disappointments. Please start making tops again that cover my food baby, thank you. 

2. Leather look trousers
All I can imagine is that they would be super uncomfortable, and I would probably end up getting stuck to things. 

3. Leggings
I am not and never will be a leggings girl. I even hate wearing running leggings to the gym. Therefore, I am on the against side of the debate regarding leggings as trousers. And why do flesh coloured leggings exist... I'm sorry. It's just wrong.  

4. Ripped/Distressed jeans
The problem I have with ripped jeans is the shaving issue. Let's not deny it ladies, the main reason I wear jeans most of the time is because I forget to shave my legs. But with ripped jeans, you can't do that. In short, I'm too lazy. 

5. Flared trousers
Been there, done that. I rocked (I say rocked very loosely) this trend in the early 00s - you know the type I mean. The ones that got wet in the rain and probably looked like the bottoms had been attacked by an animal, with bejewelled pockets? I don't think I want to revisit that again. 

Do you agree, or totally disagree? 

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  1. Crop tops are alright, but I definitely agree with you! Just when I find the most perfect shirt, it's too tight and shows off more that I want to. I love my stomach, but some looks are just no. I attempted to style a leather skirt once, and now it's not in my wardrobe. I felt like a couch.

    I totally agree with you on the flesh colored leggings! Why?! I tried wearing leggings as pants once and it was horrible. I felt like everyone could see my underwear and I hated the look of panty lines. Ripped jeans look alright. I did find the perfect ripped jeans, but then I realized. I can rip my own jeans. Why are they so expensive?! It's so easy to rip old jeans. It's crazy how people pay so much for them! And flared jeans! Oh my god! I remember having to walk in the rain in those. It was horrible.

  2. I do like the odd crop top but it does seem like that is all you can pick up right now! I was really laughing about your ripped jeans comment though. It's so true!

    Rachael at

  3. Oh I enjoy crop tops and ripped jeans! Luckily my rips don't show too much leg, so I still get the benefit of hiding my overgrown leg hair, haha.

    As for leggings, I only recently bought leggings strictly for yoga. Nootttt about the whole "leggings as pants" deal just yet. But flesh colored? egads...

    Peace and love,

  4. I hate leggings and leather look trousers - they look gross and so uncomfortable!

    I like crop tops on skirts as they look chic and I think ripped jeans look cool (not those was massive rips, there's not any point of wearing any jeans at all then!)

    As for flared trousers, I despise them when they get wet!



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