Sunday, 24 May 2015

Things we all did as GCSE students

1. Go stationary shopping before revision period to stock up on smelly gel pens and highlighters in every colour

2. Spend all day making a revision timetable that you were definitely planning to stick to

3. Thinking your end of year prom/event was the most classiest event of the year, and of course, you had to look your best. But your mum wouldn't let you buy heels so you had to deal with flats instead.

4. Buying revision guides for every subject, because that's pretty much all you needed to pass

5. Convincing your parents that you're going to a friends house to revise

6. And then trying to prove how much work you did, when really all you would do is watch TV and play Mario Kart

7. Flashcards everywhere

8. Freaking out about how many exams you had - 22 is a bit excessive, no?

9. Believing they were the most important exams in the world. You will be screwed your whole life if you don't get a B in Maths

10. There would always be that one kid that didn't do any work and be so cool about it the next day

11. Going on The Student Room the morning before to try and work out what would be on the paper

12. And then going on it afterwards to find out what people thought

13. Trying hard not to click on the link that someone had posted of the right answers by their teachers

14. After you've finished, believing that the hardest part of your life is over

15. Someone in your year having a house party to celebrate the end of exams. You believe this is going to be the best night ever. It never is.

Oh to be 16 again.

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  1. Oh, to be 16 again! My nephew is doing his GCSEs right now and whilst I freak about 7 exams whilst he has 20 something. I don't know why I didn't pick myself up smelly pens this year. I think that would have made my revision SO much more interesting!

    Rachael at

  2. This post brought back some great memories! Even though at that time Gcse's seemed like the hardest thing on Earth, I had the most fun during that time :)

    Pop over to my blog :)



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