Monday, 11 May 2015

Oily Skin Products

I used to hate reading blog posts on skincare, but after realising that my skin wasn't in the great condition, I find myself browsing them from time to time, and figured why not do my own!

I have pretty oily skin, and I have tried quite a few products to get it under control. I am also prone to blemishes which makes it even worse. I went to the doctors at the beginning of the year to get it under control. I was given a lotion to apply, which worked for a good few months. But I think that my skin got used to it, and it suddenly stopped working. I then bought the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish when my student loan came in. I am so sad as this made my skin feel great, but not look great. I broke out and my face looked so red.

But now, I think I have found some products that are working for me at the moment. My skin still isn't the way that I want it to be, but it is definitely improving! 

Step 1 - Face wash
I am currently using the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel foaming face wash. I have been using this for years and I always come back to it. It leaves my face feeling really clean and I use this religiously every morning and night. 

Step 2 - Cleanse 
I then use the Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion. I do like this stuff, it smells a bit chemically, but I know that it is getting all my makeup off and keeping my sking clean 

Step 3 - Toner
I am not exactly sure what a toner does, I'm going to be honest. But I use the Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner after cleansing. If anyone does know what it does, please let me know! 

Step 4 - Moisturise. 
This is where I have recently changed. I am now using The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion. This stuff is great, it makes my skin feel soft and matte for longer than my previous moisturiser! I don't know whether this is clearing my spots, I have had a few pop up on my cheeks which isn't fun, but this just feels so great, I will definitely carry on using it!

Step 5 - Spot treatment 
I am just finishing my Superdrug Deep Action Anti-Blemish Gel, and want to try a body shop one soon. But for now, this seems to be doing the job. It does make my skin quite dry though. 

And that's my skin care routine at the moment. I am pretty happy with it, I will see whether this helps my skin. 

Do you have any recommendations for my oily skin?! 

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  1. Hi! I've been following you for a while now, and I got really excited when I saw we used the same toner. Speaking of toners, toners are used to balance pH levels, cleanse and shrink the size of pores. One recommendation would be using a gel cream as this is a popular choice amogst people with oily skin, as I have oily skin I use one from garnier and it has definitely my skin!
    Would love it if you checked out my blog

    1. Oo will definitely try a gel cream out - thanks for the tip!! And thanks for the toner help :D of course I will! xx

  2. You have a great regime going on! I think the above user has given a good explanation of what a toner is - the only thing I actually knew was that it tightened pores!

    It would be great if you could pop over to my blog and maybe leave a comment :)



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