Sunday, 12 April 2015

West End Musicals I want to see

If you have been reading for a while, or follow me on twitter, you will know I am a huge musical theatre fan. I used to perform, but now I love the backstage and organisation of putting on a show, and of course, having a trip to the theatre is something that I absolutely love! There are some cracking new shows that I really want to see in London, so I'm hoping that they last a long time at the West End so I can see them all!

1. Kinky Boots
Winner of the Tony Award for 'Best Musical' and 'Best Score' in 2013, Kinky Boots is finally coming to London and I am so excited. I was hooked when I watched the Tony award performance and have been listening to the soundtrack since. This is definitely something that I want to see. Based on the 2005 film, a shoe making factory turn around their marketing strategy, making boots for drag queens. The score is my Cyndi Lauper, so many of the songs have a 1980s sound to it, which I absolutely love. Definitely worth a listen!
Favourite Songs: Raise it up, History of Wrong Guys

2. Bend it like Beckham 
I absolutely love the film and can't wait for it to be a musical! Jess, coming from a traditional Indian family longs to play football rather than find a husband. She meets football mad Lauren and joins an all girls football team under the team's coach Joe. Musicals adapted from films is always a bit tricky, but I hope that it stays on the West End, as I would love to see it!

3. Beautiful: The Carole King Musical
Another find whilst watching Tony Award highlights. I am a hug fan of 1970s music, and whilst listening to the sound track, I didn't realise how many songs I recognised that Carole King had written. My favourites are definitely Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow and One Fine Day. I really want to see this with my dad as I know he is a huge fan of 70s music as well, hopefully we will get the chance to go!

4. Miss Saigon 
I had only listened to Miss Saigon this year, but the music is absolutely amazing. The musical tells the story of Chris, an American soldier in the Vietnam war, and Kim, a teenage Vietnamese orphan. Written by the same writers of Les Mis, the show looks spectacular. This is definitely one I want to see, here's hoping that it will stay in the West End for a while!

Are you a musicals fan? 

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  1. I love musicals! Have you seen Wicked? I would definitely recommend it!

    1. Yes I have! I absolutely loved it, I cried during I'm not that girl :')

  2. I love theatre too! The current Miss Saigon revival is incredible - I left the theatre full of adrenaline, physically shaking and an emotional wreck - definitely not one to miss! I'm not so keen on Kinky Boots, but I'm interested in seeing both Bend it Like Beckham and Beautiful too ... and Gypsy, I hear Imelda Stauton's 'Mama Rose' is a theatrical delight!

    Gilly - Ribbons of Memory

  3. I'm going to see Miss Saigon this summer - I'm so excited!! I am OBSESSED with musicals. Billy Elliot and 13 are my favourites :) as well as Les Mis, of course, but that's generally a given! Wicked is fab too. I'm really lucky because I've seen quite a lot since I travel through London regularly, so this list has given me some great ideas of which ones I could have on my list next! xx

    Laurel |

  4. I want to see Miss Saigon! Would also love to see how they go about with Bend it like Beckham :)

    Pop up over to my blog and see what I'm upto :)



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