Wednesday, 8 April 2015

20 Thoughts Whilst Essay Writing

(wow, so I just realised how dirty my laptop buttons are.. sorry!)

1. Today is the day I will get loads of work done and be super motivated! 

2. My desk is too messy to start doing any work. I'll clean it up before I start. 

3. Now I'm hungry. I can't start essay writing without a snack and a fresh cup of tea

4. I don't even understand the question, I swear we haven't been taught this

5. Or I didn't do the reading for that week. Either way, where the hell do I start.

6. This reading totally isn't relevant to the question

7. Or this one.

8. Thank goodness, I found something relevant. *internal happy scream*

9. I've written an introduction, that's enough to call it a day right?

10. Wow my course is boring

11. How is as essay on chronic illness going to help me in the real world?

12. It's time to have a 'what the hell am I going to do when I graduate' crisis.

13. No, l can do this. I am an intelligent woman. Right?

14. Mum, stop disrupting me, I need to write. But I would like that cup of tea you are offering.

15. How is this relaxing studying music? 

16. I must not sing along to Disney instrumentals. I must not sing along to Disney instrumentals.

17. I need more food. 

18. Damn it, I forgot to write down the page number. That reference isn't being found again.

19. Am I even answering the question? 

20. Screw this, I'm giving up for the day. I'll start again early tomorrow. Solid.

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  1. When i was a student that was totally me :D good luck ;)

  2. This is 100 % true! I love this!
    I think I'd add 'oh dear lord - that list of references I sent my lecturer is absolutely awful and I have so many regrets in life and I am never getting into Grad School ever because I cannot write an essay' but that is not a personal experience at all!

    Rachael at

  3. I can definitely relate to this!

  4. Definitely can relate! Can't wait to dive back in (waiting to hear back from uni!)

    Head over to my blog and check out what I'm upto :)



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